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BUiD offers Bachelors degree programmes in disciplines which have been selected for their relevance to the UAE and the Middle East region.BUiD degree programmes are based on similar high quality programmes of international standing that are offered in our partner universities. 
Undergraduates Programmes

The undergraduate programmes offered at BUiD are:

BUiD extends its portfolio of programmes by offering undergraduate programmes in addition to its already existing postgraduate programmes. Having successfully established such deep learning through Masters and Doctorate programmes in a number of diverse areas, the University introduces an undergraduate offer of programmes in key areas of relevance to our knowledge-based economy and society. BUiD’s undergraduate provision takes into account the local requirements for academic education and BUiD’s unique capability to offer learning, teaching and academic governance based on the widely respected British higher education model. BUiD is certainly one of very few academic institutions able to provide such a distinct experience of excellent British education, with regional currency and local relevance.

BUiD was established in 2003 to specifically provide advanced learning and scientific research opportunities for achieving excellence in all fields of science and knowledge through its research-intensive Masters and Doctoral programmes. BUiD maintains an enviably strong reputation not least in the middle east, Indian subcontinent, Africa and East Asia- key areas for Dubai and the UAE’s aspirations and achievements as a regional and indeed, global economic hub.

BUiD has strong associations and working relationships with the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) and the Manchester Business School (MBS) at the University of Manchester (UoM), Edinburgh University and University of Glasgow. These universities through their association to BUiD contribute jointly to the development of BUiD as a research-based University through our Senate (which is the senior academic body within the University). As a consequence of these relationships and this governance model, BUiD has actually made substantial progress over a very short period of time, in reaching key milestones in its continuing mission of providing the highest quality education for the region. BUiD’s association with these UK universities does not only ensure the validity of the programme content through its disciplinary alignment with that offered by the UK Associate Universities, but also extends such consonance to include learning methodologies, delivery, assessment and overall quality assurance.

The programmes are designed to start with a partially common first year followed by three years of program-specific subjects. Such a system conforms to the UK HE system (3 years in England and Wales, and 4 years in Scotland), with such foundation years as appropriate. It is also conforming to UAE HE standards, which state the need to ensure quality consistent with current international practice and professional judgement.

The British University in Dubai strives to realize the aspirations, and address the challenges, set out in the Dubai Strategic Plan, the Government Strategy and most presciently the UAE Vision 2021 that emphasizes the following long-term imperatives:

“Harness the Full Potential of National Human Capital.

We want all Emiratis to make a valuable contribution to their nation’s growth by building and applying their talent with innovation and drive

Universities will listen closely to the needs of Emiratis and of their future employers, and will balance their teaching to the demands of the workplace.

A Knowledge-Based and Highly Productive Economy

The UAE aims to transform its economy into a model where growth is driven by knowledge and innovation. Productivity and competitiveness will come to rival the best in the world, because of investment in science, technology, research and development throughout the fabric of the UAE economy.

Innovation, research, science and technology will form the pillars of a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business-friendly environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships.”

BUiD is committed to working with Industry and Government to provide the necessary educational qualifications and entrepreneurial skills that will empower the youth to develop skills and knowledge needed to drive Innovation in the 21st century. 

BUiD now offers the following Postgraduate Diploma


BUiD offers PhD degree programmes in disciplines which have been selected for their relevance to the UAE.

BUiD offers masters degree programmes in disciplines which have been selected for their relevance to the UAE.


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