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BUiD Faculties

BUiD is organised around specialised faculties. The Faculties offer postgraduate programmes and strive to be centres of excellence for research in their respective disciplines through shared environments with the UK partners.


There are three faculties at the moment, namely Faculty of Education, Faculty of Business, and Faculty of Engineering and IT. Each Faculty houses different Masters and Doctorate programmes. In addition to faculties BUiD has other academic units such as Academic Success Unit, Doctoral Training Research Centre, the Library, and more. Faculty of Business Faculty of Education Faculty of Engineering and IT.

BUiD offers a full-time and part-time Masters degree programmes in SDBE, Structural Engineering, Engineering Management, Informatics and IT Management.

The Faculty of Education provides modern and innovative programmes to support the development needs of the education system in the UAE. It brings together experienced teachers from wide ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds.

We offer a rapidly developing alumni network of leaders and managers who contribute to our events and programmes, as well as providing advice and ideas for career development. Our university is a research intensive institution that hosts and participates in major conferences and seminars on current issues in business, management and technology. Most lecturers in the Faculty of Business have worked in several countries learning through practice how to involve and relate to the diverse experiences and ideas of our students.