Dr Eman Gaad invited as a guest speaker to Sharjah Women’s College to speak about inclusion in Higher Education

Jan 17, 2012


Dr Eman Gaad’s presentation topic is Inclusion of students with special needs within higher education in the UAE: Issues and challenges” , the event is organized as part of the UNESCO Chair Program.

The interactive  presentation will present the current status of inclusion of students with special needs in the Higher Education sector in UAE. It will look at the related issues and challenges in the Country following the ratification of the UN Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Also it will look at Issues of supporting students in the higher education sector which will be discussed in light of the current provisions and legislations and Activities of leadership of higher education institutes. It  will highlight what could be done to include such students effectively and to insure students’ involvement in decision making when providing for their needs in higher education