The decision to extend the PhD provision in the area of ASBE is based on BUiD’s unique position of being able to draw on the experience of our UK associated university, Cardiff University, which is one of the top UK universities in this field, and has offered its academic support for offering PhD in this research area. At the same time, the cross-university collaboration evident in the UK, will be easily facilitated especially through BUiD’s association with University of Manchester for Project Management and University of Reading for Construction Management.

The proposed new research area meets an important skill/knowledge need in the increasingly important area of environmentally aware design requirements where sustainable and environmentally conscious designs are becoming a major factor in the evaluation of new designs worldwide. Most large projects require an environmental impact assessment before proceeding with them and although this assessment process is currently voluntary for small projects many countries are taking steps to regulate it formally. The issues of environment protection, energy efficiency and water management have been specifically identified in one of the five Guiding Principles published in the recent Dubai Strategic Plan (2015). Keeping in view the aspirations of Dubai and UAE, the proposed addition is an effort to fulfil BUiD goals which are to: 

  • Make a distinctive British contribution to the higher educational system in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the creation of a high quality research-led university
  • Develop leading-edge research capabilities in key disciplines
  • Offer the highest international competitive level of research-informed education in key modern disciplines
  • Interact with regional industry and play a leading role in stimulating a knowledge-based economy in Dubai and the Emirates
  • Provide opportunities for study and research for the purpose of gaining degrees in arts and sciences
  • Apply the systems of study and research that are used in distinguished British universities with the aim of enhancing the standard of university education in the UAE
  • Qualify and educate nationals who are scientifically and practically trained in all fields of knowledge, through advanced educational and training programmes
  • Serve the various sectors of society, especially the commercial and industrial sectors, by providing consultation, technical services and research in the various fields of science and technology and the other disciplines, which will be offered by BUiD
  • Consolidate educational, scientific and cultural links with distinguished British universities and institutions, and with other internationally distinguished universities.