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BUiD Policies and Procedures

The British University in Dubai has developed a broad range of policies and procedures that govern the academic and administrative activities of the University. The student related policies are maintained on the blackboard to inform the student community about university rules and regulations. 


The blackboard serves as a repository for all policies, procedures, guidelines and forms applicable to students.Students can access the policy directory by logging in blackboard and accessing the Course "BUiD Policies and Forms". Every student will have access to this course on blackboard. Just click on the link below and make sure you are logged in on blackboard to access policies and procedures.

BUiD Policies and Forms on Blackboard

The Office of Quality and Institutional Effectiveness (OQIE) coordinates the development, review, revisions, dissemination, and maintenance of policies. If you have any questions about university policies, please contact the OQIE by sending an email to [email protected]


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