The 3rd International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics (ACLing2017)
November 5-6, 2017 • Dubai, UAE

ACLing 2017 Conference Program

Day (1): SUNDAY  5 November 2017
   8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Opening and Welcome Messages 9.30 AM – 10.00 AM

Prof. Abdullah Al Shamsi, VC, The British University in Dubai, UAE
Prof. Khaled Shaalan, ACLing2017   Conference co-chair
Prof. Samhaa R. El-Beltagy, ACLing2017   Conference co-chair

10.00 AM – 11.00 AM Keynote speaker
Prof.  Hazem Hajj,  American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon

Artificial Intelligence Models and Resources for Opinion Mining in Arabic (OMA)

11.00 AM -11.30 AM break

Session (1)     11.30 AM -12.50 PM
Arabic Dialect Applications

Session Chair: Prof. Hazem Hajj

  • SOUKHRIA: Towards an Irony Detection System for Arabic in Social Media.  Jihen Karoui, Farah Benamara Zitoune and Véronique Moriceau.
  • Challenges in Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Social Networks.  Ghadah Alwakid, Taha Osman and Thomas Hughes Roberts.
  • Comparative Evaluation of Sentiment Analysis Methods Across Arabic Dialects.  Ramy Baly, Georges El-Khoury, Rawan Moukalled, Rita Aoun, Hazem Hajj, Wassim El-Hajj and Khaled Shaban.
  • AraSenTi-Tweet: A Corpus for Arabic Sentiment Analysis of Saudi Tweets. Nora Al-Twairesh, Hend Alkhalifa, Abdulmalik Al-Salman and Yousef Al-Ohali.

12.50 PM -2.00 PM

Session (2)     2.00 PM 3.20 PM
Arabic Resources

Session Chair: Prof. Dr.  Farid Meziane

  • Simplification of Arabic Masterpieces for Extensive Reading: A Project Overview. Muhamed Al Khalil, Nizar Habash and Hind Saddiki.
  • Developing Resources for Sentiment Analysis of Informal Arabic Text in Social Media.  Maher Itani, Chris Roast and Samir Al-Khayatt.
  • Altruistic Crowdsourcing for Arabic Speech Corpus Annotation. Soumia Bougrine, Hadda Cherroun and Ahmed Abdelali.
  • A collocation extraction tool and two language resources for MSA. Abdulmohsen Al-Thubaity and Ibtehal Baazeem.

3.20 PM – 3.50 PM Break

Session (3)    3.50 PM – 5.10 PM
Machine Translation and Text Summarization

Session Chair: Prof. Dr.  Fatiha Sadat

  • Arabic Machine Transliteration using an Attention-based Encoder-decoder Model.  Mohamed Seghir Hadj Ameur, Farid Meziane and Ahmed Guessoum.
  • Errors and non-errors in English-Arabic machine translation of gender-bound constructs in technical texts.  Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash.
  • Arabic Social Media Analysis and Translation. Fatma Mallek, Bilal Belainine and Fatiha Sadat.
  • Automatic Arabic Summarization: A survey of methodologies and systems. Lamees Al Qassem, Zaid Al Mahmoud, Di Wang, Hassan Barada, Ahmad Al-Rubaie and Nawaf Almoosa.

6.00 PM departure to visit Heritage Village

7.00-8.30 Social activity and Banquet

Day (2): MONDAY – 6th November 2017

Session (1)     9.00 AM -10.20 AM
Speech Processing (I)

Session Chair: Prof. Dr.  Kamel Smaili

  • Development of the Arabic Loria Automatic Speech Recognition system (ALASR) and its evaluation for Algerian dialect. Mohamed Amine Menacer, Odile Mella, Dominique Fohr, Denis Jouvet, David Langlois and Kamel Smaili.
  • Transform-based Arabic sign language recognition. Ala Addin Sidig, Hamzah Luqman and Sabri Mahmoud.
  • The Role of Diacritics in Designing Lexical Recognition Tests for Arabic.  Osama Hamed and Torsten Zesch.
  • Towards the supervised machine learning and the conceptual segmentation technique in the spontaneous Arabic speech understanding.  Younès Bahou, Mohamed Hédi Maaloul and Emna Boughariou.

10.20 AM-10.50 AM break

Session (2)     10.50 AM 12.10 PM

Semantic Processing

Session Chair: Dr.  Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash

  • A Rich Arabic WordNet Resource for Al-Hadith Al-Shareef.  Manar Alkhatib, Khaled Shaalan and Azza Abdel Monem.
  • ASRextractor: A Tool extracting Semantic Relations between Arabic Named Entities.  atma Ben Mesmia, Fatma Zid, Kais Haddar and Denis Maurel.
  • Dynamic Similarity Threshold in Authorship Verification: Evidence from Classical Arabic.  Hossam Ahmed.
  • Arabic Question Answering Using Ontology.  Ali Albarghothi, Feras Khater and Khaled Shaalan.

12.15 PM-1.15 PM

Session (3)     1.20 PM – 2.40 PM

Session Chair:  Prof. Dr. Ismaïl Biskri

  • The Applicative Combinatory Categorial Analysis of Arabic.  Ismaïl Biskri.
  • Automatic Minimal Diacritization of Arabic Texts.  Rehab Alnefaie and Aqil Azmi.
  • Arabic Arithmetic Word Problems Solver.  Bilal Siyam, Amjad Abu Saa, Omar Alqaryouti and Khaled Shaalan.
  • Building a First Language Model for Code-switch Arabic-English.  Injy Hamed, Mohamed Elmahdy and Slim Abdennadher.

2.40 PM – 3.10 PM break

Session (4)     3.10 PM – 4.30 PM

Speech Processing (II) and Closing Remarks

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Khaled Shaalan

  • Hybrid approach for conceptual segmentation of spontaneous Arabic oral utterances.  Younès Bahou, Mohamed Hédi Maaloul and Hend Abbassi.
  • Enhancing Visualization in Readability Reports for Arabic Texts. Hind Saddiki, Violetta Cavalli-Sforza and Karim Bouzoubaa.



Meet the Experts and Learn Industry Secrets
The 3rd International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistics (ACLing) is a series of international conferences devoted to Arabic Computational Linguistics (CL). The Third International Conference on Arabic Computational Linguistic (ACLing2017) will be held in Dubai in November 2017. ACLing 2017 aims to bring together leading academicians, scientists, researchers and practitioners from all over the world to exchange new ideas and the latest results in Arabic Computational Linguistics and NLP. The field has become increasingly important, as more and more Arabic information is now available through the Web, Social Media and Intranet services. The British University in Dubai invites you to participate in ACLing2017 and we are confident that you will find the program enriching, enlightening and rewarding.
Conference Chairs
  • Prof. Dr. Khaled Shaalan, The British University of Dubai, UAE
  • Prof. Dr. Samhaa R. El-Beltagy, Nile University, Egypt

General Contact

  • Registration is available via the main conference website >> CLICK HERE
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