TedxTheBritishUniversityinDubai 2023 – OPEN CALL

The TEDxTheBritishUniversityinDubai Planning Committee invites all students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to participate in an open call for its 2023 edition of TEDxThe BritishUniversityinDubai.


We all agree that sustainability must be addressed now, in order to secure the future of our planet. Sustainability is often broken into three intertwined pillars, formally referred to as economic, environmental, and social, and informally as people, planet, and profit. Essentially these three pillars provide the basis through which we must provide solution-oriented approaches around issues pertaining to social sustainability, such as environmental justice, human health, resource security, and education. Human health greatly depends on the quality of a person’s environment; as a result environmental issues such as water quality, air quality, biodiversity, and the existence of environmental stressors such as greenhouse gases must be addressed. Economic sustainability cannot be ignored as it is also deeply connected to both social and environmental sustainability in terms of job creation, profitability, and the proper accounting for ecosystem services to ensure cost benefit optimisation.

This year TEDxTheBritishUniversityinDubai wants to contribute to thought leadership in this area.As such, we have proposed the theme of ‘Sustainability: from ideas to reality’


We are looking for talks that grasp the concept of idea creation. Ideas that are novel, niche and well thought through. So maybe you have tackled an old problem in a new radical way or you have done ground breaking research that gives practical and real world insights in a problem.

Please do not prepare an essay, a paper, or a thesis/dissertation. TEDx is about natural, flowing conversational speech. No academic presentations are allowed.

In addition to the above, we are also looking for talks that are delivered with charisma and passion.

Please note that to be selected as a BUiD TEDx speaker you must be able to deliver your talk in fluent spoken English.


Develop and deliver a three-minute talk expressing one idea for climate change.

As a reminder TEDx talks are engaging, charismatic, expose new ideas supported by concrete evidence and are relevant to a broad, international audience.

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Please submit your application on or before 11:59pm (UAE time) on Friday 29 April 2022.

Auditions will take place on the 9 May 2022 @ BUID campus.

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