BUiD Strategic Plan 2019-2024


The University’s vision is to be recognised as Dubai’s leading research institution, focused on the reflective pursuit, inclusive accessibility, effective transfer, and liberal application of scientific, academic and professional knowledge



BUiD is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide world class scholarship, education and research that make a distinctively British contribution to supporting the aspirations of the Dubai Government and the UAE to become a hub for education and research in the region.



BUiD recognises that the best way to respond to the current opportunities and challenges of the UAE higher education sector is to align its strategic targets with those of national and international strategies of education and government. The BUiD 2019-24 Strategic Plan is thus designed to align with the UAE Vision 2021 and the Dubai Plan 2021, with the aim of improving BUiD’s standing in the Arab region and in internationally recognised university rankings. The BUiD 2019-24 Strategic Plan is also designed to be adaptable and emerging; this is important so that it can absorb the new UAE Vision 2030, the Dubai Plan 2025, as well as adapting to developing university ranking measures.



The plan is structured around four Strategic Themes. Each of the Strategic Themes contains several strategic targets pertinent to the operational goals.

The four Strategic Themes are:

  1. Enriched Student Experience
  2. Excellence-driven Research and Innovation
  3. Expansive University Environment
  4. Dynamic Academic and Societal Engagement

The British University in Dubai

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