Research Activities

  1. Journal Publications
  • “Witness Intimidation, Tampering and other related abuses in process in Investment Arbitration: Possible Remedies available to the Arbitral Tribunal”, 26(1) Arbitration International 43-85 (2010).
  • “Tax ‘veto’ as a special Jurisdictional and Substantive issue in Investor-State Arbitration: Need for Reassessment?”, 32(2) Suffolk Transnational Law Review 475-492 (2009)
  • “Economic Crisis, capital Transfer Restrictions and Investor Protection under modern Investment Treaties”, 3(2) Capital Markets Law Journal 154-185 (2008) (with Thomas Walde)
  • “Investor Protection vs Host state Regulatory Autonomy during Economic Crisis: Treatment of Capital Transfers and Restrictions under modern Investment Treaties”, 8(4) Journal of World Investment & Trade 457-503 (2007)
  • “Investor-State Tax Disputes: The Interaction between Treaty-based International Investment Protection and Fiscal Sovereignty”, 35 Inter Tax Journal 424-449 (2007) (with Thomas Walde).
  • “Managing Post-privatisation Political and Regulatory Risks in Nigeria: A Law and Policy Perspective,” 22 Journal of Energy & Natural resources Law 473-506 (2004)
  • “Managing Political and Regulatory Risks in Long-term Investment in a Liberalised Economy: A Law and Policy Perspective,” 7 University of Maiduguri Law Journal 78-99 (2004)
  • “Coercion and the Limits of Freedom of Contract,” 5 University of Maiduguri Law Journal 78-99 (2002).
  • “Environmental Regulation, Investment Protection and ‘Regulatory Takings’ in International Law”, 50 International Comparative Law Quarterly 811-848 (with Thomas Walde).
  • “Legal issues arising from the Termination of Oil Prospecting Licenses by the Nigerian Government,” 19 Journal of Energy & Natural resources Law 164-175 (2001)
  • Renegotiation and Contract Adaptation in the International Investment Projects: Applicable Legal Principles and Industry Practice”, 1 Journal of World Investment 5-58 (2000) (with Thomas Walde).
  • “Renegotiating previous Governments’ Privatisation Deals: Assessing the UK Windfall Tax on Utilities under International Law”, 19 North-Western Journal of International Law & Business 405-424 (1999) (with Thomas Walde) .
  • “Some Current International Law issues relating to Foreign Investment”, 4 University of Maiduguri Law Journal 48-60 (1995).

Book Chapters:

  1. Conference Papers
  • “Stabilisation Clauses and Natural Resources Development in Africa: Practice and Implications,” a paper presented at a Conference on “Challenges faced by African States in Mining and Petroleum Contract Negotiations with special emphasis on Stabilisation Clauses”, organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, 26-27 October 2016, Doula, Cameron.
  • “Taxation as a Jurisdictional issue in Investor-state Arbitration”, a paper presented at a Conference on “The Settlement of Tax Disputes under International Law,” organized by the University of Luxembourg, 12-13, November, 2015.
  • “Expropriatory Taxation in International Investment Law: A Comparative Perspective”, a paper presented at a seminar on “Minerals Taxation and Sustainable Development”, organised by the CEPMLP, London, 27-28 June, 2012.
  • “Modern Investment Treaties and Tax-related Energy Disputes – An Overview of key issues,” a paper presented at a seminar on “The Resolution of Tax-related Oil & Gas/Energy Investment Disputes – Latest Developments”, organised by AIPN/Deloitte, London, 12 June, 2009.
  • “Special Tax and Exchange Control Jurisdictional issues in Investment Arbitration” a paper presented at the Inaugural Conference on Investment Arbitration Moot Competition, organised by Suffolk University, Boston, U.S.A., 30-31 October, 2008.
  • “Tax and Foreign Exchange Restriction issues in Investor-State Arbitration”, a Paper presented at a seminar on Specialised Arbitration and Advocacy Skills in International Oil & Gas Arbitration, organised by CEPMLP, St Andrews, 11 September, 2008.
  • “Managing Regulatory and Fiscal Risks through Contract and International Investment Treaty”, paper presented at the 2nd Global Contract Risk Management for the Oil & Gas Industry, organised by Marcusevans, Barcelona, Spain, 21-22 April, 2008.
  • “Managing Political Risk in Infrastructure in Africa – The Role of Contract and Investment Standards, paper presented at a seminar on Infrastructure Development in Africa, organised by the United Nations Commission on Africa (UNECA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 29 Sep. – 3 Oct. 2007.
  • “Investor-state Arbitration and Local Community rights”, paper presented at a seminar on Governance of Natural Resource Revenue, organised by the Centre for Policy Studies, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 23 June – 1 July, 2007.

Shorter Articles/Book Reviews:

  • “Expropriatory Taxation of Foreign Investment under International Law: A Reappraisal, vol. v CEPMLP online journal,
  • “Environmental Regulation and Expropriation of Foreign Investment under modern Multilateral Investment Treaties”, 1(1) Transnational Law Exchange (1999),
  • “A Commentary on the Proposed Multilateral Investment Agreement (MAI)”, CEPMLP online journal (1999),
  • “Managing Political Risk in Transnational Investment Agreements”, CEPMLP online journal,
  • Participation of States in International Contracts and Arbitral Settlement of Disputes, by Esa Paasivirta, 87 American Journal of International Law 185 (1993).
  • The Freshfield’s Guide to International Arbitration, by Alan Redfern & Martin Hunter , 4 University of Maiduguri Law Journal 83 (1995).
  1. Research funds
  • 2010-2012 POLIcy for Natural RESources (POLINARES) under the European Union Collaborative Project (CP) – Small of medium-scale focused research project (STREP), contributor as part of the University of Dundee team (1million Euros)
  • 2010-2013 Extractive Industries Source Book project – a World Bank funded project, contributor as part of the University of Dundee team (US$1.5million)

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