Research Activities

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Salameh, M.M., Touqan, B.A., Awad, J. and Salameh, M.M., 2022. Heritage conservation as a bridge to sustainability assessing thermal performance and the preservation of identity through heritage conservation in the Mediterranean city of Nablus. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 13(2), p.101553.


Salameh, M. and Touqan, B., 2023, January. Courtyard’ Design as a Sustainable Tool for Classrooms’ Lighting and Thermal Performance. In Advances in Civil Engineering Materials: Selected Articles from the 6th International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering (ICACE 2022), August 2022, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (pp. 355-366). Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore.

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Touqan, B., Taleb, H. and Salameh, M., 2017. Low carbon cooling approach for the residences in the UAE: A case study in Dubai. In World Congr. Civil, Struct. Environ. Eng (pp. 1-9). DOI: 10.11159/awspt17.127

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