Certified Cybercrime Investigation Specialist (C-CIS)

Cybercrime investigators are a critical resource for any organization faced with criminal activities in their sphere of operation. The ability to identify and investigate malicious actors in both physical and digital environments requires unique training and knowledge that provides significant value to the government, law enforcement, and corporate entities which employ such professional investigators. As the volume and variety of cybercrime activity continues to escalate, highly skilled investigators will continue to be viewed as critical assets capable of providing defensive and competitive advantage to any industry in which they serve.

The field of cybercrime investigation is complex and multifaceted by nature and demands a wide range of skill sets be mastered by its practitioners. Criminal activity is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and negatively impacts every industry that exists. In an age of specialization, the cybercrime investigator must be able to view challenging situations through a lens which is simultaneously strategic, operational, and tactical to engage and defeat the threats posed by criminal activities.

The Certified Cybercrime Investigations Specialist course provides students with a strong foundation of introductory knowledge in topics such as Digital Crimes, Cyber Law, Investigative Methodologies, Evidence Collection, and considerations for conducting Dark Web investigations. This training will benefit all individuals required to conduct investigations as part of their current or future job roles.


Course Prerequisites

This is an introductory course with no experience prerequisites.  Students should have a working knowledge of the Internet, web browsers, and a general understanding of the Windows Directory on laptops and desktops.  Knowledge of networking and TCP/IP protocols is desirable but not required.

Certification Course Outline

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