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A look at ICDL Certificate – Academic Profile

Whether you are already a university student, planning to enrol this year or close to graduation, the ICDL Academic Profile Certification will ensure you stand out from the crowd.


For prospective students or if you are in your first few years you will get the ICT skills you need to effectively use common computer applications and collaborate with fellow students to easily navigate through your studies and research allowing you to focus your efforts on your major.


If you are about to graduate, your next big step is to find your dream job. Having a degree is undoubtedly an essential job qualification, but with increased competition in the job market, it is equally important that your CV showcases all your credentials including demonstrating your practical skills evidenced by an internationally recognised certification to place you ahead of other candidates and secure that job interview.


Registering in the ICDL Certification Academic Programme is online and very easy. Once registered, you have the flexibility to learn independently from wherever and whenever you want. From the ICDL eLearning platform, you can quickly select any 10 ICT topics which complement your major or personal interest. Once you feel ready, you can schedule an online invigilated test for any module to take from your home or university campus. Once you have passed the modules you want up to a maximum of 10, you may request your certificate for all completed modules.


Take the decision today to increase your learning and career potential by registering in the ICDL Academic certificate.

Who will benefit from the ICDL Certificate – Academic Profile?

  1. Prospective or current students that wish to complement their major with relevant ICT practical skills
  2. Graduating students that want to boost their career prospects and maximise their job potential
  3. Individuals that wish to be aware of and stay abreast of the latest technology developments
  4. Individuals that wish to demonstrate their skills by way of an internationally recognised certification

What are the features you will receive when registering in the ICDL certification programme?

  1. Registration in the ICDL certification programme
  2. Access to the eLearning platform and the required online modules
  3. Trial test, official tests and repeat test (Learn more)
  4. ICDL international certification (Learn more)
  5. Selection of preferred language, Arabic, English or a mix of both


Current BUiD’s students



Each eLearning course contains over two hours of interactive material plus quizzes so you can check your knowledge
45 minutes test for each module English and Arabic

USD 150 / AED 550 ICDL Academic Profile Certification – University Agreement for Direct Students




One time Registration with four year access


10 x Access to eLearning or eBook course material


1 x 100 hours access to practice test


10 x Remote Tests


10 x Remote Test Retake

Interested BUiD Alumni/Faculty/Community/Friends

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