Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PgCE)

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About the programme

Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PgCE) is designed to help teachers accelerate their professional growth and be successful in creating a high impact teaching and learning experience in their classrooms. This programme was designed in consultation with thousands of teachers and industry specialists with an objective to equip teachers with 21st Century Teaching Skills to teach the Millennials. It is a perfect example of moving away from a traditional theoretical knowledge based programme to a future ready skills and competencies based teaching programme that creates a direct impact in the classroom teaching & learning. This programme is delivered on the Suraasa platform under programme partnership between BUiD and Teacher Worldwide PTE.LTD- Singapore.

What knowledge will you gain

–   Implement differentiated instructional strategies in the classroom

–   Be able to relate student needs and learning outcomes

–   Understand how to use classroom infrastructure to create an effective student learning experience

–   Be able to use assessment data in monitoring learner’s achievement, attainment and progress

–   Understand learning taxonomies

–   Understand the need to employ learning styles, learning taxonomies and action verbs in planning a lesson.

–   Understand different types of assessment and their application

–   Be able to use reflection to support your own professional development

Estimated Duration                          Languages     

300 Days                                               English

For who this programme matters

Aspiring Teachers

If you are an aspiring teacher and are looking for a place to start, this should be your first step.


In-service Teachers

If you are already working in a teaching role and want to broaden your horizon, PgCE is the way to upskill your teaching practice and progress in your career.


Included Courses & Studies

Following modules are covered in our mentor-led classes and self-paced learning systems.


Using Technology for Teaching and Learning

This unit will enable teachers to gain knowledge, understanding and skills in how technology can be used to support teaching and learning in the classroom and at school level.


Reflective Teaching

This unit enables teachers to gain knowledge and understanding of what is meant by reflective practice and be able to use this so it leads to teachers’ further learning. This unit will therefore introduce processes to help teachers manage their own professional development.

Questioning Skills and Techniques

This unit is designed to improve knowledge and understanding of questioning techniques employed by teachers and when they should be used. Teachers will also be able to develop questioning skills, in order to support effective teaching and learning.


Providing Feedback

This unit aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the use of the different approaches and strategies which can be used by teachers to provide feedback to students and other stakeholders. The unit also helps teachers to ascertain if feedback has been understood.


Management of Class Dynamics

This unit will enable teachers to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the management of class dynamics. This will include how to initiate a class, modify and control the content of the lesson, close the learning and arrange the classroom infrastructure, so that the aims set for the learning are achieved. Teachers will also learn how to create activities using the whole classroom space producing a challenging and enjoyable learning experience. Teachers will learn how to formulate strategies for maintaining discipline in class.


Lesson Planning

This unit will help teachers to plan lessons effectively so that students are engaged, progress and the aims of the lessons are achieved.


Learning Theories and Teaching Strategies

This unit will develop knowledge and understanding of learning theories and how they are applied. Teachers will be able to devise effective strategies to build on the previous knowledge of the learner. Teachers will also learn to use a levity of activities and teaching tools.


Ethics and Values

This unit builds knowledge and understanding of the required ethical conduct in teachers, both in and outside the classroom. The unit will also develop skills in how to handle situations where ethics might be an issue and enable teachers to effectively communicate the impact of integrity and values in everyday life scenarios.


Child Development, Learning Styles and Learning Taxonomies

This unit will enable teachers to gain a greater insight into child development theories, different learning styles and to understand learning taxonomy and its importance. Teachers will then be more able to modify their teaching in accordance with the preferred learning styles of the students. The teacher will apply cognitive domain, analyse student performance and evaluate learning outcomes.


Assessment and Evaluation Techniques

On completion of this unit teachers will have gained knowledge and understanding of the different types of assessment and their purpose. Teachers will also be able to apply this knowledge and understanding.

Why choose Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PgCE)?


Join the worldwide network of highly skilled teachers committed to transforming their teaching practices and enhancing student learning.


Video Profile

Showcase your skills and your teaching potential to the teaching community and potential employers with a video based profile.


Job Opportunities

Get dedicated access to premium job features including free consultation, guidance on career mapping and priority interview support.


Hands-On Experience

Get acquainted with practical application of the concepts you learn here through numerous case studies and classroom projects.


Recorded Classes

Make sure that you never miss out with free access to recorded classes for all the courses you’re enrolled in.


Mentor-Led Classes

Learn with constant support and guidance from an assigned mentor dedicated to helping you overcome any roadblocks.


E-Skill Portfolio

Reach out to employers with verified skills and evidence of work done with lifetime access to skill portfolio.


Video Based Modules

Indulge in self learning with additional study material available as video based learning modules and highly informative articles.

Start your teaching career with PgCE

–   Get skilled with the best curriculum available globally

–   Connect with the best teachers across the world

–   Create your skill profile and we’ll show it to the employers

–   Become the teacher you aspire to be

–   Understand learning taxonomies

–   Access the best jobs in the industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

This programme is 10 months long where every learner has to spend a minimum of 10 hours of learning per week and divided as follows: 4 hours on self-paced learning on video based modules, 4 hours on instructor-led classes and 2 hours on skill-evidence building.
A Bachelor’s level degree in any subject and good command of English Language.
There are 10 modules covered in this programme. Every module is assessed using live assessments. There are multiple assessments and assignments included in every module as well.
Yes, other than PgCE General, we offer PgCE specialisation options with an additional payment fee. A learner can choose one of the following PgCE specialisations options: PgCE - Teaching English Language and Literacy PgCE - Teaching Early Years and in the Primary Phase of Education PgCE - Teaching Mathematics and Numeracy PgCE - Teaching Specialist subject
The cost and duration of PgCE Specialisation is different per specialisation. You can discuss the details with your admission counselor.

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