PLC Programming Basic Course


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PLC Programming Basic Course TIA-PRO1 5 – 9 Sep 2022  5 Days  AED 8,820+ VAT

·       The PLC Programming Programme provides a basic introduction to PLCs and focuses on the practical applications of using them in a plant or manufacturing system. This programme is designed for students/engineers who have basic knowledge of automation technology. You can use the online tests below to find out whether you have sufficient prior knowledge to participate effectively in the course you wish to attend. If you answer more than 70 % of the questions correctly you are well prepared to take part in the course.

Online assessment test


  • Overview and significant performance characteristics of the PLC Family
  • PLC Engineering Software overview
  • Communication
  • Programme execution in automation systems
  • Binary and digital operations
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Programming of parameterizable blocks
  • Data management with data blocks
  • Programming organizational blocks
  • Test tools for system information, troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • Hardware configuration and parameterization
  • Deeper understanding of contents through practical exercises on training workstations

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