Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme, students will be able to:


— Explain the fundamental financial theories and goals of financial management.

— Demonstrate an understanding of current practices in accounting, auditing and finance areas.


— Develop critical thinking skills to analyse and apply accounting and financial data in business decision-making including examining the relationship between risk and return.

— Recognise the circumstances leading to exposure to different risks, unethical practices and identify appropriate internal control and other preventive measures.

— Analyse a company using a comprehensive range of financial and accounting tools and techniques.

— Identify the influences of political, social and psychological factors on financial decisions.

Aspects of Competence

Autonomy and responsibility

— Apply the principles of finance and accounting in different sector contexts (private, public, non-profit).

— Demonstrate effective work habits, leadership and communication skills to solve practical problems.

Role in context

— Acquire the ability to function effectively as part of a team to accomplish common goals and objectives.

Self- development

— Synthesise theoretical constructs in a practical application with respect to common business and funding problems, and determine and evaluate the critical success factors of financial strategy.

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