Programme Structure – AI

Credit Hours
General education modules

(21 Credit Hours)

ENG103 English Learning & Communication Skills 3
ENG104 Critical Thinking & Academic Writing 3
ITC101 Introduction to Computers 3
UAE102 UAE Society 3
ISLM102 Islamic Fundamentals and ‎values 3
ARB101 Arabic Language 3
ARB102 Arabic Language
ENV101 Environmental Science & Sustainability 3
General Electives (two modules from any other programme offered in the University), (6 Credit hours) General elective 1 3
General elective 2 3
Computer Science modules (69 credit hours) MATH111 Calculus I 3
MATH112 Calculus II 3
MATH113 Linear Algebra 3
CS111 Discrete Structure I 3
CS112 Discrete Structure II 3
STAT111 Introduction to Statistics 3
PHY111 Physics I 3
CS113 Programming I 3
CS114 Programming II 3
CS212 Object-Oriented Programming 3
CS213 Human-Computer Interaction 3
CS214 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CS334 Professional Practice and Ethics 3
CS216 Database Systems 3
CS217 Introduction to Software Engineering 3
CS218 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 3
CS219 Introduction to Cybersecurity 3
CS220 Web Development 3
CS221 Computer Architecture 3
CS331 Operating Systems 3
CS332 Computer Communications and Networks 3
CS333 Introduction to Data Visualization 3
CS215 Algorithms Analysis and Design 3
Artificial Intelligence concentration modules  (18 Credit hours) CSAI411 Introduction to Natural Language Processing 3
CSAI412 Introduction to Machine Learning 3
CSAI413 Natural Language Processing Applications 3
CSAI414 Pattern Recognition 3
CSAI415 Special Topics in AI 3
CSAI416 Introduction to Vision and Robotics 3
Techincal module (one module from a concentration other than the one for which you are officially registered for) Technical elective 1 3
CS335 Internship 3
CSAI400    CS Capstone Senior Design Project – AI 3
Total credit hours

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