Learning Outcomes

The programme provides an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, intellectual and practical skills, aspects of competence and other attributes in Building Services Engineering. Students will:


  1. Demonstrate detailed understanding of different design aspects and how they can be used in a wide range of building services engineering including sustainability and energy efficiency
  2. Understand the principles and practices of building services engineering viability and assessment studies
  3. Understand the principles of building services engineering, and how they can be used to grow engineering based businesses
  4. Exhibit advanced knowledge through independent research in a related, specialist area of building services engineering


  • Deploy consistently the advanced skills required in research, analysis, and evaluation for building services ideas, information, concepts and/or activities
  • Integrate knowledge from different topics and develop new knowledge and procedures in the field of building services engineering by developing cognitive and creative skills and intellectual advancement
  • Analyse highly complex issues with incomplete data and combine advanced problem-solving skills to construct innovative solutions and proposals relevant to building services problems and applications
  • Present, explain and/or challenge complex matters combining highly specialist communication and information technology skills
  • Carry out original independent research at the forefront of knowledge in building services and related specialist areas

Aspects of competence

Autonomy and responsibility

  1. Function autonomously and/or take responsibility for professional practices, work, processes or systems, or learning contexts that are highly complex, unpredictable and unfamiliar
  2. Undertake research and further develop knowledge and methods in the field of building services engineering
  3. Read and analyse engineering data and assess different execution options

Role in context

  1. Initiate professional activities including highly complex initiatives taking responsibility for performance and the development of professional teams for building services engineering
  2. Applying interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate effectively and to interact with groups and individuals at all levels in the building services industries


  1. Self-evaluate, develop, and participate in further learning and advancement of knowledge and skills in regard to building services practices

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