Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the programme, students will be expected to have the following abilities in the four principal areas as listed below. Students will be able to:


Knowledge and Understanding

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the process of building computational systems in all their stages and be able to demonstrate this understanding in supervised system building efforts.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes relating to the design, development and evaluation of internet and computer technologies.
  3. Demonstrate advanced knowledge of research in specialist areas in ITM.
  4. Carry out original research at the forefront of knowledge on a relevant ITM topic through a dissertation.

Intellectual Skills

  1. Make effective use of learning materials to acquire and apply knowledge from a variety of sources.
  2. Apply relevant theories and techniques to a range of application contexts.
  3. Critically evaluate problems, applications and approaches in specific areas relating to IT.
  4. Develop literature review and research and analysis skills.

Subject Practical Skills

  1. Apply academic knowledge and understanding to “real-life” problems and issues in specific areas within IT.
  2. Develop research projects, including proposal writing.

Transferable Skills

  1. Deploy logical, analytical, and problem-solving skills to synthesise solutions.
  2. Show self-direction and time management skills when working independently.
  3. Develop skills needed for undertaking extended projects, including reviews, time management and writing extended reports.
  4. Communicate effectively through a variety of media including oral, visual, written, diagrammatic and online.

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