Learning Outcomes


— Demonstrate advanced scientific knowledge and technical know-how in structural engineering.

— Knowledge of developing technologies in structural engineering.

— Understanding concepts from a range of areas including some outside engineering, and the ability to evaluate them critically and to apply them effectively in structural engineering. 


— Advanced skills in research, analysis, evaluation and innovation of complex ideas, information, concepts and/or activities in structural engineering.

— Integrate knowledge from different fields to produce new knowledge and procedures in the field of structural engineering.

— Analyse highly complex issues with incomplete data and develop innovative solutions and proposals relevant to structural engineering.

Aspects of competence

Autonomy and responsibility

— Function autonomously and/or take responsibility for managing professional practices, work, processes or systems, or learning contexts that are highly complex, unpredictable and unfamiliar.

— Do research and further develop knowledge and methods in the field of structural engineering.

Role in context

— Initiate and manage professional activities that may include a highly complex environment through taking responsibility for leading the strategic performance and development of professional teams and self.

— Apply well-developed interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate effectively and to interact with groups and individuals at all levels.


— Self-evaluate, develop, and implement further learning consistently, sensitively, and independently.

— Consistently and sensitively handle complex structural issues leading to informed, fair and valid decisions.

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