Learning Outcomes – Master of Science in Structural Engineering


— Critically assess, apply and synthesise the core legal principles relating to the construction law discipline specifically in the areas of the law of contract and tort, the law of property, the law on bonds and insolvency

— Develop and demonstrate a detailed understanding of the local (i.e. Dubai, UAE, GCC) and international framework for the practice of construction law and dispute resolution including the relevant bodies of private and public law

— Critically assess the different approaches taken and the diverse methods available to resolve construction disputes including adjudication, arbitration, statutory adjudication and litigation


— Synthesise and critically apply legal theory and procedural rules to practical problems arising in the construction industry

— Critically analyse and apply the processes of construction and project procurement including new forms of procurement in public and private contexts worldwide, and describe, in detail, the roles of the major actors in that process

— Demonstrate a capacity to apply complex concepts and develop solutions to both standard and unusual problems relating to construction law (Msc)

— Appraise and apply the techniques and practical procedures available under the law (both public and private) which relate specifically to construction, including standard forms, building standards, the environment and health and safety

— Conduct technical discussions with authority between lawyers and construction professionals on key matters arising during the course of a construction contract

— Develop critical advisory skills as representatives of parties to construction projects

Aspects of competence

— Identify a suitable topic for a research project, formulate and apply an appropriate research methodology and translate this into a feasible plan for its execution and completion within the identified timescale complying with academic best practice (MSc)

— Analyse and critically evaluate research findings so as to develop and support ideas which can be effectively communicated in both a scholarly and a professional context (MSc)

— Apply problem-solving techniques to complex problems of a multidisciplinary nature to develop practical managerial solutions

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