Master of Architecture


Why study Master of Architecture

There is a significant worldwide demand for architects who have up-to-date knowledge of architectural principles coupled with the drive for the design of a more sustainable built environment. A professional architect can design all of the systems that are necessary in a building for occupants to carry out their life and business. This role is also increasingly linked to the provision of sustainable, energy efficient and healthy buildings within our society. The M. Arch programme will develop architects who have a sound knowledge of architectural design principles and the ability to apply this knowledge to the complex building designs within the construction industry. With the growing complexity of architectural services in modern buildings and the significance of energy conservation and emissions control, the role of the architect is becoming increasingly important. This programme has been designed as per the Royal Institute of British Architects Part 2 graduate attributes (RIBA 2); however, the programme does not have RIBA 2 accreditation.

Career prospects

The M. Arch programme is suitable for both junior and middle-level architects with suitable experience in architectural design. The programme is primarily directed towards architects who are looking to pursue more challenging and leading roles in their organisations combining advanced architectural design skills with up-to-date knowledge and practices. Graduates can work in the public sector (eg municipalities and housing projects) as well as the private sector (eg design firms, consultants, contracts). In some countries, the M. Arch degree is considered as a terminal award which allows the holder to teach at universities.

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