Module Descriptors

ARCH502 Advanced History and Theory of Architecture

This module aims at providing students with an advanced contextual understanding of the theoretical, methodological and historiographical aspects of architecture. In this course students will be designing a building inspired by a style from history and will carry this with thorough research, including a critical analysis of a past case study of a selected architect. Understanding the history of architecture will help students to anticipate the future directions of architecture.

ARCH503 Design Studio I

Architecture is the science and art of designing buildings and other built environments. This module offers students a theoretical foundation in the development of architectural design by conducting and applying research findings with regard to new design strategies. The module will equip students with a critical understanding of different techniques of creative architectural design with particular focus on emerging modes of technologies involving the implementation of sustainability principles. Students will learn how building codes must be adhered to and find ways to optimise building performance in terms of universal standards.

ARCH504 Advanced Building Materials

The module explores issues related to sustainability of building materials and sustainable construction.  It provides an advanced knowledge of cladding, moisture control, and building finishes, fire performance, and construction robotics. It discusses construction issues related to complex structures and high-rise buildings. It explores 3D printing technologies and how construction robotics affect the architectural design of buildings.

ARCH505 Design Studio II

This module will enrich students’ skills with regard to designing buildings by applying sustainable.   It will also develop parametric design solutions that are responsive to technology, and which demonstrate an understanding of structure, construction, environmental design and sustainability. The students will learn the techniques of computational design and apply them to optimising building performance. This module will focus on advanced digital applications, materiality, and the tectonics of buildings.

ARCH506 Management, Practice, Law

This module is intended to train architects to conduct and communicate legal analyses confidently and accurately in terms of professional architectural practice. Students will learn how to assess architectural designs from a managerial perspective. Students will learn how to promote high quality research within the field of architectural practice in the areas of law and policy, including a high standard of legal analysis, by adopting different managerial tools and methods.

ARCH508 Advanced Design Studio

The module will be delivered through research-driven projects that enable students to develop architectural decisions by working in workshops, seminars, and design studios which will form a focus on the future of architecture and urbanism in a wider cultural context. Students will learn building information modelling (BIM) and the integration of building systems with architecture. Students will be equipped with a theoretical, conceptual, functional and contextual foundation for advanced architectural design. Students will gain expertise in Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) as well as structural principles of buildings. This module will start in year 2, term 3. Students will be guided into initial designs in this term including initial submissions. After that, the students will work on their own, and will need to submit the final report and portfolio to a design jury. Full time students will have up to 3 months after the end of the term to complete this task; part time students will have up to 7 months to finish.

SDBE501 Climate and Comfort

The primary focus of this module is the thermal, luminous and ventilation performance of buildings within the built environmental context. The module will examine the basic scientific principles underlying these phenomena and introduce students to a range of technologies and analytical skills necessary for designing comfortable indoor environments. This module includes a substantial design project where students will apply kinetic systems in different climatic contexts in order to achieve optimum light performance in an energy-efficient building.

SDBE508 Sustainable Urban Design

This module aims to address and discuss the critical issue of the urban environment. It includes substantial urban design projects which have been tailored to the needs of architects, architectural engineers, and urban designers. Students will be challenged to address current urban design challenges by applying sustainable strategies that have emerged from environmental, social and regulatory contexts. Students will work individually as well as within a team to produce an urban design project that is sustainable and aligned with local and international standards.

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