Module descriptors

Qualitative Research Methods and Paradigms

This module covers the underlying theory and forms of qualitative research approaches, and the methods and ethics as they apply to the context of the programme.  This includes acquiring a critical and interpretive understanding of qualitative research approaches, theories and concepts, as well as methods and techniques that constitute the qualitative research realm.

Legal Research Methods

This module is designed to enhance students’ ability to conduct doctrinal and empirical legal research. It helps students to identify and analyse relevant legal sources and to develop writing and methodological skills. It covers a wide range of legal methods, including doctrinal studies, empirical studies, and comparative studies. It trains students on arguing cases, examining legal texts and categorising their research.

Research Design and Planning

This module concentrates on the development and design of  students’ own research proposals, consisting of two main sections: firstly, developing the research question and objectives and designing the theoretical framework; secondly, designing the research methodology including the research approach, methods, instruments or information gathering guidelines, and method of results analysis.

International Business Law

This module aims to provide a thorough and advanced knowledge of the basic methods of doing business abroad. Topics to be covered include: sources of international commercial sales; English law and SOGA 1979; Incoterms; CIF and FOB contracts; 1980 Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods; creation of the contract; incorporation of standard terms and transport obligations; transfer of risk and property; international joint ventures; internal and external relationship; commercial agency; assignment; international franchising and agencies abroad; regulation of international trade finance; international marketing operations; counter-trade; and mergers and acquisitions.

International Investment Law

The aim of the module is to develop a critical understanding of current and emerging developments in international investment law. The module will equip students with the knowledge and understanding about the various approaches to regulating foreign investment in a social, economic and political context.  Topics to be covered include: sources of international investment law; the evolution of international investment law; theories relating to foreign investment; the regulation of foreign investment; the standards of protection under modern bilateral/multilateral investment treaties (BIT/MITs); and investor-state arbitration.

Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

The module introduces students to the law and practice of commercial arbitration, mediation, adjudication and other alternative dispute resolutions. Topics to be covered include: arbitration agreement; arbitration tribunal; applicable laws; procedure and evidence issues; arbitration award; enforcement and recourse against awards; mediation; adjudication; and other alternative dispute resolution.

Intellectual Property Law

This module provides an advanced knowledge and higher level understanding of the law and practice relating to intellectual property rights. Intellectual property plays a vital role in the global economy. However, as the scope of protection expands to cover new subject matters, the protection of intellectual property also raises serious ethical and societal value issues such as the propertisation of genes and other biotechnological products under patent law. Topics to be covered include: the international patent system – the Paris Convention and the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO); comparative patent law systems; the patent provisions of the TRIPS Agreement; patents; and access to medicine.

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