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B.ACE is a centre that provides services to BUiD undergraduate and postgraduate students, leading them to empower their potential, competencies and skills for future success, as well as helping them choose the right career. At B.ACE students will get a chance to find career path which will maximize their skills. B.ACE will work in close collaboration with different BUiD stakeholders –staff, partners, employers, and career developers – to ensure graduates leave BUiD with every available opportunity and choice. B.ACE offers its services to students who are currently registered at BUiD and are on their 3rd year of study, and graduates; for up to two years after their graduation. B.ACE makes sure that the capabilities, proficiencies and skills of all students are recognised and effective guidance will be given to them.

B.ACE Vision

“To inspire the best in every BUiD student, empowering them to reach their full potential and reap future success.”

B.ACE Mission

“To equip BUiD students with skills and competencies that enable them to build world-class careers, and develop their personal attributes for future success.”

B.ACE Values

“Innovation, Empowerment, Inspiration, Fairness and Inclusivity are the attributes that are embedded in B-ACE culture and central to the way it works.

B.ACE Services

B.ACE will provide students with the tools, resources and experiences they need to make informed choices about their future, empowering them to reflect on their university experience, develop their skills and competencies, and understand how to market these and interact confidently in a working environment.

– Students will be offered services that include the following.
  1. Information, advice and guidance:
    • ACE Career Hub: web and physical space for job seekers
    • Career guidance, feedback on profiles and documents, and practice interviews
  2. Workshops, talks and events:
    • Skills development
    • CV preparation
    • Mock interviews
    • Researching job opportunities
    • Talks and webinars
    • Nationwide career events
  3. Work experience:
    • Part-time work
    • Volunteering
    • Internships
    • Business idea development and incubation


Registered BUiD students and graduates (for up to two years after graduation) are eligible to use the B.ACE service. Students can access B.ACE using BUiD’s VLE platform, Blackboard. The registration process is as below:

  1. Fill in the application form
2. Send to [email protected] 3. Schedule an appointment with a B.ACE advisor 4. Career workshops 5. Job placement

B.ACE Fair Use Policy and Quality Assurance

B.ACE is committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability by supporting BUiD’s various social welfare initiatives. B.ACE operates a fair use policy which tells students what they can expect from B.ACE and what B.ACE expects from them. B.ACE practices are in line with general data protection regulation in the UAE. B.ACE will be subject to BUiD quality assurance policies.

Career Services for UG Students

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