Head of Programme


Faculty of Education

Dean Professor Eman Gaad
PhD/EdD coordinator
Prof Christopher Hill
MEd coordinator
Dr Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash

Faculty Business and Law

Dean:  Professor Aymen Masadeh
Department of Business Management
Head of Department:
Prof Abubakr Suliman
PhD/DBA programme coordinator
Prof AbuBaker Sulaiman
MBA coordinator
Dr Mohamed Yacine Haddoud
BSc Business Management/ Finance and account
Dr Ashmiza Ismail
Finance and Risk Management
Prof Husam-Aldin Al-Malkawi
Department of Project Management
Head of Department:
Prof Edward Ochieng
PhD coordinator
Prof Edward Ochieng
MSc PM Coordinator
Dr Waris Khan
Department of Law
Head of Department:
Dr Abba Kolo
PhD in Law
Prof Aymen Masadeh
Dr Abba Kolo
Dr Christina Lienen

Faculty of Engineering and IT


Dean: Professor Bassam  AbuHijleh
Department of IT
Head of Department:
Prof. Khaled Shalaan
PhD in CS, Coordinator
Prof Khaled Shalaan
MSc, coordinator
Prof Piyush Meheshwari
BSc Coordinator
Prof Sherief Abdullah
Department of Sustainable Built Environment
Head of Department:
Prof Bassam  AbuHijleh
PhD coordinator
Prof Hanan Taleb
Dr Wael Shata
Department of Engineering
Head of Department:
Prof. Alaa Ameer
MSc Engineering management
Dr Sa’ed Salhieh
Prof Alaa Ameer
MSc StrE
Dr Gul Ahmed

Research Sector

Dean: Dr Khalid AlMarri
Director of Doctoral Training Centre
Dr Farzana Asad
Director of DCRI
Dr Maria Papadaki
Director of Digital research and Education
Dr Tendai Charles

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