Doctoral Training Centre

Welcome to the Doctoral Training Center (DTC)

The DTC is a central department that supports and promotes the development of research activity and output at The British University in Dubai. Working in collaboration with the Academic Faculties and Central Administration, the DTC offers a comprehensive and systematic training and development programme for doctoral level students.  The British University in Dubai is a research intensive institution and our commitment to research development extends to all our students.  In addition to the doctoral level provision, the DTC offers core academic training to Masters students.

Many of the BUiD students are part-time students who also juggle careers, families and other responsibilities while they are studying and the DTC provides support for them to develop relevant skills and knowledge and, as many students also come from different educational backgrounds, support in producing work in accordance with British university standards.

Research Development and Support

The primary focus of the DTC is to provide training, guidance and support for doctoral students in the pursuit of research excellence and output.  Through a combination of training courses, workshops, presentations, discussion groups, seminars and conferences, the DTC promotes research activity, supports student development and seeks to enhance the value and relevance of BUiD’s contribution to both academia and the community at large.

Training Provision

Training courses are grouped thematically into areas of development so that students can develop a range of transferable skills in key areas:

  1. Communication
  2. Career management
  3. Networking and team working
  4. Research methodology and management
  5. Information technology
  6. Personal effectiveness

Research Training courses for doctoral students are offered throughout the year and aim to cover key areas of relevance and value.  The courses reflect the early, mid and late stage stages of PhD development and are targeted and offered accordingly. Below is a list of some of the courses and topic areas on offer to doctoral students:

Early Stage Mid Stage Late Stage
The PhD journey and managing expectations Developing a research proposal Preparing for your VIVA
Literature Review Presentation Skills Preparing an effective CV
Planning your research and time management Project management Finishing your thesis
Getting started with research design Communication skills Skills for graduate success
Critical thinking Academic writing and getting published
Developing your writing

Core course delivery

In addition to the doctoral training courses above, the DTC provides access to core courses for all postgraduate students at BUiD.  These courses are available throughout the academic year and are offered on multiple occasions and times to suit the diverse needs and expectations of our student body.

  1. Referencing, acknowledging sources & avoiding plagiarism
  2. Writing introductions, definitions, conclusions & abstract

These courses focus on key skills and competencies and are relevant to all research students.  Registration for all courses is through the BUiD Blackboard system and students will be emailed with details of new courses and registration processes.

The Doctoral Experience

The doctoral journey can often be confusing and challenging.  Hear from recent BUiD doctoral graduates about their experiences through the process.  Learn about their tips for success and lessons they learned along the way.

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