Research at BUiD is a constantly evolving endeavour, aimed at establishing and developing a wide array of research activities such as faculty and student contributions to high tier publications, patent technologies, original BUiD journals, specialised research centres, and research collaboration opportunities with leading UK universities.

BUiD recognises that a society which creates research-based intellectual capital can be a key player in the modern world. By being a major contributor to educational, scientific, legal, business, and sociological research, BUiD plays a distinctive and collaborative role in the economy and culture of the UAE, the Middle East, and the wider world.

The team

Professor Khalid Almarri

Dean of Research and Head of sector of Research, innovation and special projects

Dr Farzana Asad

Director of Doctoral Training Centre

Dr Maria Papadaki

Director of BUiD Dubai Centre for Risk and Innovation

Dr Tendai Charles

Director of Centre for Research for Digital Innovation

Key objectives of research activities at BUiD:

  1. To establish a motivating and rewarding research environment which attracts high quality researchers
  2. To conduct high quality research that leads to innovation and improved performance and productivity of organisations at national, regional and international levels.
  3. To foster a long-term relationship with industry, professional bodies, and other higher education institutions based on mutual interests and benefits.
  4. To disseminate knowledge and promote research exchange amongst academics and practitioners.
  5. To facilitate and support the implementation of research findings in national, regional and international organisations.
  6. To play a leading role in identifying, planning, and conducting research agendas through close collaboration with local and national governments.
  7. To provide both the public and private sectors with high-quality research, consultancy, and training.
  8. To use research to engage the potential intellectual capital of the region.

The British University in Dubai

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