Masters and PG Diplomas in Education

Why study Masters and PG Diplomas in Education

The aim of the Masters and PG Diplomas in Education is to develop talented, well-rounded, professionals who possess the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to assume roles of responsibility in the field of Education.

The Master of Education programme is offered in:

  1. Master of Education in Management Leadership and Policy (MLP): This programme provides in-depth knowledge and understanding of educational management, policy and leadership theories and practices within local and international contexts.
  2. Master of Education in Special and Inclusive Education (SIE): This programme provides an understanding of the needs and requirements of a child with special needs and/or disabilities (SEND) in the education system.
  3. Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): This programme provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of theories and practices of language teaching and learning.
  4. Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT): This programme develops students with innovative ICT knowledge and skills to deal with issues, applications, resources and strategies of ICT inclusion in the classroom and the education system.
  5. Master of Education in Science Education (SE): This programme provides students with research in science education and enables students to develop deeper understanding of discourse, trends, and issues of science education research, and its pedagogical, policy, and career development.
  6. Master of Education in Education in Psychology (Ed.Psych): This programme offers in-depth knowledge of a range of theoretical, empirical and methodological perspectives central to the understanding of human behaviour, and the implications of these for educational practice.
  7. Master of Education in Learning and Teaching (LT): This programme provides students with in-depth knowledge of theories, concepts and innovative practices in learning and teaching across a wide range of contexts. In particular, it prepares candidates for teacher licensing.

Career prospects

The Masters and PG Diplomas in Education in general will prepare students for career prospects and advancement in the education sector and specialised skills that enable students to secure positions in specific fields within education.


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