Module Descriptors

Students must complete 3 core modules and 3 electives. Students must take a minimum 2 programme specialised modules.

 Research methods in education

This module develops the skills needed to engage in academic research in education.

Education policy

It introduces the processes of educational policy through the study of theories, research and experiences of others.

Teaching and learning

It helps students to gain knowledge of the nature of learning and what implications this has for teaching and learning environments.

Master of Education in Management Leadership and Policy (MLP)
— Leadership for school improvement

It offers relevant understanding on the role of leadership for school improvement.

— Education, innovation and curriculum

It presents curriculum theories, models, design and development procedures.

— International higher education

It helps students to understand the nature and function of international higher education.

Master of Education in Special and Inclusive Education (SIE)
— Introduction to learning difficulties

This module is essential for students who study the education of pupils with special needs.

— Education of children with exceptional learning needs

It focuses on Education of pupils with social emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD), Education of pupils with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Education of pupils with any forms of Dyslexia, and Education of those who are gifted or talented.

— Inclusion and special educational needs

It enables students to become familiar with issues such as strategic direction, identification and evidence of efficacy, as well as pedagogical issues of teaching and learning in inclusive settings.

Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
— Discourse for language teachers

It covers aspects of written and spoken discourse, with an emphasis on issues, which are of interest to language teachers.

— TESOL   ELT syllabus and design

It deals centrally with the issues involved in syllabus design. Linked to this, the module looks at the issue of examining the curriculum; another area central to teachers and managers.

— TESOL   Second language teaching and learning

It examines the psycholinguistic processes underpinning the approaches to second language teaching.

Master of Education in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
— Learning and educational technology

It considers the role of the educator and the learner in relation to the use of Educational Technologies in learning environments.

— E-learning and blended learning

It addresses the role of the educator and the learner in relation to online learning materials, online learning environments and computer based learning materials.

— Managing educational technology

It examines the organisational aspects of ICT in education by discussing the nature of ICT in education and the role of policy in ICT provision.

Master of Education in Science Education (SE)
— Scientific ways of knowing

It offers the history and the philosophy of science, develop understanding of the nature of science, and connect discussion to science research and practice.

— Critical thinking and moral reasoning in science education

It provides students with an overview of ethics, moral reasoning and critical thinking skills in science education.

— Interdisciplinary math, science and technology

This module is planned to recognize the interdisciplinary connections among the science, math, and technology.

Master of Education in Psychology (PSYCH)
— Introduction to developmental psychology

In this module, students will learn how to view individuals in the context of their overall life-cycle and stages of development.

— Introduction to social psychology

It provides critical understanding of the concepts and methods used to explain the social behaviour of individuals.

— Cognitive psychology

It offers the study of the ‘mind’ and mental functions, including learning, memory, attention, perception, reasoning, language, conceptual development, and decision making.

Master of Education in Learning and Teaching (LT)
— Professional values and ethics

In this module, the fundamental principles, concepts and practices of teacher professional values and ethics are explored & studied.

— Teacher professional learning and development

In this module, key perspectives, concepts and approaches to teacher professional development are critically studied & evaluated.

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