Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Why study Bachelor Degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

BUiD’s Bachelor Degree in(BSc.) Electro-Mechanical Engineering addresses the needs of the region in the industrial, manufacturing, airline, shipping, service and governmental sector. Graduates of this programme will be equipped with a wide set of relevant knowledge and skills preparing them for an employment market with very diverse needs. Owing to the integrated nature and interconnected dependency of components and sub-assemblies comprising electro-mechanical systems, the analysis, design and maintenance of these devices is no longer due to the simple application of either mechanical, electrical or electronic technology. Instead, combinations of the skills central to all of these disciplines are needed.

Career prospects

Electro-mechanical engineers and their skills are now required throughout modern industrial societies.

Graduates of this programme will achieve competence in a broad range of electrical, electronic, mechanical, computing and engineering management skills, enabling them to specialise in avionics, manufacturing and process engineering to satisfy the emerging trends and growing engineering demands evident in the UAE, the GCC region, and beyond.

Start at BUiD, get your award from the UK

BUiD has agreements with the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow, through which an Electro-Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students completing the 2nd year at BUiD can apply to transfer to a comparable undergraduate programme at the University of Edinburgh or the University of Glasgow. If accepted, students will need to successfully complete two years upon which they will receive their BEng award from the University of Edinburgh or the University of Glasgow.

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