The Decision Theatre (DT)



The Decision Theatre is an interactive 3D visualisation facility that uses data from the live cyber battle field to visualise the overall structure of the battle-space to determine where critical dependencies occur and to ascertain how to mitigate vulnerabilities to reduce the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks. It is a nerve centre that provides a common operational picture and situation awareness for joint assessments in support of effective decision making.

During a live cyber battle the DT will act as a situation room that fuses and displays vast amounts of multidimensional cyber security data from multiple sources to provide key decision-makers with a unified view of the cyber battlespace.  A diverse team of technical specialists from the CTI to the C-suite, legal, and PR executives will use information collected from a variety of sources within the Range including data feeds, vulnerability feeds, indicators of compromise (IOCs) and threat profiles to provide up-to-the-minute intelligence updates to the key decision-makers. The Decision Theatre will then create a model of the attack surface for vulnerability and threat analysis, correlate events to discover threats and vulnerabilities, understand information dependencies that expose data, systems and critical infrastructures to cyber security risks, and prioritise risks and response in context. This will enable decision-makers to quickly understand the current state of the cyber battle-space, enemy capabilities and vulnerabilities, correlations between cyber events, potential impact of alternative courses of action on real-world operations.

During peace time the DT will enable decision-making leaders to practice how to react as a team, and review the organisation’s cyber crisis management playbook.


Skunk Workshop Rooms these  are low-tech rooms which have an emphasis on brain power for dynamic thinking, solution discovery and strategy gaming for cyber defence teams to collaboratively create the most advanced concepts to deal with the ever-changing evolving cyber threats. During a live cyber battle the CTI team will prioritise high-risk cyber incidents that are then passed to the Skunk Workshop teams to architect the solutions. During peace time the Skunk Rooms are used as normal seminar rooms or can be joined to form a large conference space.


On-premises and cloud-based – available anywhere, anytime

Our secure Cyber Security Lab and learning platform is designed to deliver onsite or virtual training exercises via remote access. The Learning Platform’s remote capabilities allow students and staff to log in to live lessons or training sessions no matter where they may be. The Platform will provide an extensive Courseware Repository for instructors and a cloud-hosted Exercise Area


Students will have access the Labs in many ways:

  1. Time-tabled, instructor-led class sessions – these will be either on-premises or virtual sessions in an online classroom setting.
  2. Hands-on Lab Exercise Sessions –students will be grouped into small tutorial groups for practical sessions led by an experienced tutor.
  3. Off Compass Remote Access to the Labs – Our FortiClient VPN enables students and faculty to connect to the Labs off campus to access the vSphere Client and to Remote Desktop, or SSH into virtual machines (VMs).

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