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Why choose BUiD?

Are you are a prospective student looking to fast track your career, looking for qualification that will not only provide programme specific knowledge but also instill good analytical and communication skills which in turn will build your research capabilities?   


Do you want to be an established researcher in your area of interest or simply looking for an Academic Career? Kindly consider the most compelling reasons listed below which will help you understand what distinguishes BUiD from other universities.


The British University in Dubai

  • Dubai’s own research-based university providing a postgraduate educational community for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders
  • Respecting Dubai’s heritage culture and ambitions
  • Established by Dubai Ruler’s  law in 2003
  • Making a not–for-profit contribution to the knowledge economy 
  • Resident staff engaged in international academic networks


A local high quality academic institution

  • Licensed and accredited federally and locally 
  • Self governing autonomy with regard for academic freedom, quality and local relevance 
  • Supported by the municipality, local commerce, national foundations and multinational corporations


A diverse student body

  • Around 30% Emirati, 40% from the wider Arab region and 30% other resident expatriate
  • Very competitive pricing being a not-for-profit organization
  • Special scholarship categories for the Emiratis  and the best graduates from Federal institutions 
  • Full –time / part-time study options
  • Only weekend and evening classes


A rich and exciting university experience

  • Research-based teaching founded upon evidence-based research
  • Business, social enterprise and government links for workplace learning, knowledge transfer and professional development opportunities
  • A university relevant to the key sectors of the economy and society
  • Pragmatic inquiry through real-life case study, blue sky research and inter disciplinary analysis
  • Members of the academic community have published approximately 2000  academic papers, books and professional works since 2004


The Best of British Education in the UAE

  • Partnerships for each program with the leading UK research universities; The University of Edinburgh , University of Manchester, and University of Glasgow.
  • British quality assurance and standards, UAE accredited masters and doctorate level awards
  • Opportunities to collaborate with ( and visit) British partners and fellow students


Hear from our Alumni


BUiD’s Certificates

BUiD awards its graduates with a postgraduate degree (Masters and Doctoral) in the areas of Education, Business, and Engineering & IT. BUiD is accredited to award the degrees by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and it also receives the strategic support and academic guidance of “BUiD – UK Universities Alliance”  from the Universities of Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

BUiD is internationally recognised for its top quality education, which is on par with British standards thanks to its association with UK universities.

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