BUiD’s Professor wins the third place in a competition organised by Dubai Courts


Prof. Khaled Shaalan, Head of Computer Science Programmes, won the third place in ‘Innovate with Human Resources’ competition organised by Dubai Courts. Prof. Khaled won the award for his proposal Legal Document Classification Model which aimed to classify legal files automatically using artificial intelligence.


The Main objective of the project is to reduce manual work which will result in reducing costs and errors and making files sorting and saving easier. It will be easier for lawyers, judges, or employees to refer to cases with similar ruling.


The project applies artificial intelligence in the legal field by automatically classifying files according to their provisions and justifications using machine learning and neural networks, where data science will be applied to legal texts. Classifying legal files automatically will assist the employees through a smart automated system which can be done remotely.


The implementation of this project will have a significant positive impact on the performance of workers and those interested in documents and legal provisions.

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