BUiD’s Registrar and Chief Administrative Officer gives an international perspective on the student experience in the UK


Hugh Martin, BUiD’s Registrar and Chief Administrative Officer, discusses international perspectives on the student experience in the UK in an article published by the Association of Heads of University Administration. How does the experience of students internationally compare with the experience of their peers in the UK? And how do they perceive their peers’ experience?


He states that the student experience in international, non-Western universities is significantly different than how it is generally understood in universities based on the Western model. At a time when global mobility is in question – for everyone, not just students – we need to rethink the idea that the full student experience can only really be achieved by, and in, universities in the UK, Europe, North America, and Australasia.


The ongoing pandemic – not to mention environmental sustainability, and the financial and climatic cost of international travel – show us that we can’t continue as we have been. We cannot assume, glibly or commercially, that international student traffic is mostly one-way: inwards, not outwards.


The student experience – in all its diverse forms – means more than paying lip-service to a theory. It’s time for academic hierarchies, privileges, and prejudices to be replaced by an experience that partners with students to help them develop into life-ready graduates, no matter where they study.


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