The British University in Dubai launches, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Cybersecurity

After launching the Master of Science in Cybersecurity, BUiD launched the BSc in computer
Science – Cybersecurity. The programme provides students with in-depth knowledge and skills
to secure our dynamic digital world against the ever-growing threats posed by emerging cyber-
attacks. Through the programme students will develop the capacity to utilise state-of-the-art AI
technologies to enhance Cybersecurity as well as apply best practices of software engineering
to secure digital systems.


Professor Bassam Abu Hijleh, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and IT, said,” Our
programme has been designed so our students are able to apply core knowledge of computer
fundamentals to solve a range of practical computer and Cybersecurity problems and be aware
of the social, professional, ethical, and legal issues involved in the use of computing systems”.


The programme will enable students to demonstrate effective work habits, leadership, and
social responsibility in context, apply new techniques and technologies as they emerge, analyse
a problem, and create an appropriate secure algorithmic solution, and develop communication
skills, initiative, professionalism, and the ability to work independently as well as with others.


Studying the BSc in computer science with Cybersecurity Concentration at BUiD will open a
wide range of careers and jobs as the market requires information security consultants,
engineers, managers, IT security auditors, cyber forensics experts, incident responders and
threat analysts among many other jobs.

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