The Faculty of Engineering and It organises a cybersecurity awareness workshop

Dr Usman Butt, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity at the Faculty of Engineering and IT organised a cybersecurity awareness workshop for Year 2 undergraduate students as part of their Introduction to Cybersecurity module. The aim was to stimulate students’ interest in the cyber domain and help them understand the evolving landscape of cyber threats and possible career opportunities. The workshop discussed the following subjects:

  1. Trends in cybersecurity
  2. Skill gap in mitigating the cyber risks.
  3. Techniques used by the intruders.
  4. Why and how, K7 helps the world, in bridging the gap.
  5. Common vulnerabilities that hackers exploit
  6. Demonstration of a few samples of malware
  7. Simulating a Ransomware attack – Practical demonstration

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