PhD Alumni Testimonials

Dr. Saada Khadragy

Programme: PHD in Computer Science
Year of graduation: 2020
Designation: Distance Learning Unit member, Assistant professor, City University College of Ajman Management Information systems department

The time finally came to share my story and pride of being a BUiD alumna. The journey started when I joined BUiD to peruse my Masters degree, at that time My passion was to create a new future, something against the odds, which was challenging but it made a difference for me and my family life. During this journey I have learnt a lot of things from my professors that positively impacted my personal and professional life. My research journey started from that time .. I cannot deny that this period was full of challenges, specially I am a mother of three children and the youngest one was six years when I registered for my Masters degree.

Soon after, I registered in the PhD in computer science which was really a very difficult decision to take but it made me closer to my dream. The support I have received from my professors in the computer science department pushed me to fulfil my goals. I have learnt from every class I have attended; I am grateful for everyone who has led me to where I am. I have completed seven modules to reach the thesis stage, each module was a great experience for me. Under the supervision of Professor Sherief Abdallah, the journey of writing the PhD thesis started. The most amazing journey someone can achieve with an awesome and well-experienced supervisor. I remember before the PhD VIVA exam, I called Prof. Sherief and I was really depressed and worried but he motivated me by saying “you did great efforts and inshallah you will do well”.

Finally, I can say that BUiD has been a steppingstone for my masters and PhD journeys, and I remained in touch with the wonderful professors there for numerous collaborative initiatives. My experience at the British University in Dubai offered me the opportunity to network with companions from many conceivable professional backgrounds, so I have to express my thanks and gratitude to every supportive person at BUiD. Professor Abdullah Alshamsi has an open door policy for students from different levels all the time, Professor Khaled Shaalan gave support and motivation to students in CS department, IT team was very energetic and supported us 24 /7 replying to our emails and solving any technical issue w face, library team was part of the great BUiD family providing us with all materials we needed, and everyone at BUID gave me motivation to be in my current place…. Thank you.

Salam Omar Ali

PhD in Educational Leadership and Management
Head of a department at Brighton College – Al Ain

As a PhD graduate from BUiD, I can say that this university has provided me with the chance to explore an array of different possibilities and choices for my future, most of which I would not have been aware of without being a student in it. Moreover, BUiD’s continual dedication and commitment to improve the quality of services to students, is what makes it so distinguished.
It had provided me with an excellent foundation to build a rewarding career and a happy life. As a research based university, I had to do a good amount of research which was a very positive educational experience for me. Finally, I am very grateful for BUiD’s help and support in getting to where I am today.

Ahmad Rashid

PhD Project Management
Partner, Meirc Training and Consulting

Being a PhD student at BUiD was a challenging journey but also a fruitful one. BUiD does a fantastic job in preparing the PhD students for their dissertation write-up and defense. This preparation was accomplished through many channels; such as: taught modules, Doctoral Training Center (DTC) workshops and various library resources. The University offers their PhD students a comprehensive, friendly and genuinely caring environment. I initially thought of pursuing my PhD in the UK; however, I made the decision to join BUiD. Now, I can safely say that I made the right decision to join BUiD where they succeeded in offering me the complete experience of UK universities.

Dr Noha Tarek

PhD Project Management
Project Manager at Tuangru – Canada

I am grateful for the opportunity to have earned my PhD in Project Management from the British University in Dubai (BUiD). I was taught and supervised by top-notch faculty from both the Gulf and the UK. The structure of the programme allowed me to stay in my full-time job as an Adjunct Faculty in the American University of Sharjah while attending classes in the evenings and weekends. There were also many seminars that were hosted by professionals that bridged the gap between academia and the industry. I am grateful for the opportunities BUiD offered me, which not only aided me in becoming who I am today, but also prepared me for future opportunities, which I am now eager to take up and fulfill to the best of my abilities.

Dr Shaima AlHarmoodi

PhD Project Management

The PhD in Project Management programme was wonderful; it was developmental, challenging, and collegial at the same time. The programme offers the perfect combination of breadth and depth, with flexibility to allow students to craft an experience that best fits their specific interests. While the programme’s core courses ensure that students have a strong foundation in the field of project management as well as in quantitative and qualitative research methods, students are also encouraged to concentrate on a disciplinary area. Beyond coursework, the programme offers students a unique chance to learn from and work with highly accomplished and dedicated faculty. Likewise, the quality of my learning and work has been deeply enriched by my supportive and friendly peers in the programme. I left the programme armed with all of the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to pursue a successful career. I will always be thankful for everything that I gained during my PhD journey at BUiD.

Dr Saoud Saif Al Falasi

PhD Project Management

When I look back, it is amazing to see how much I changed during the four-years I spent in the PhD programme at BUiD. Before admission, I had no idea about academic research. Upon graduation, my view towards the project management world had been fundamentally re-shaped by the theories and methods, which I learned during those years. Despite their busy schedules, PhD student mentoring is always a priority for the professors. I feel very fortunate that I finished my PhD in Project Management with the support of Professor Halim Boussabaine as my Director of Studies & mentor. I also benefited from a great cohort of supportive and bright PhD students who made the journey even more rewarding. They made me understand that it is important to go deep and be broad, and they showed me that a true scholar is a life-long learner who is always modest and curious.

Dr Yacoub Petro

PhD Project Management
Regional Director of Projects – MWH part of STANTEC

My journey with BUiD started in 2010 when I was on the lookout for a university, which offers an MSc degree in management. The association between BUiD and the UK Russell group of universities was one of the main drivers, which led me to select BUiD for this purpose. BUiD has developed exceptionally since then and now they offer a range of top quality programmes. In 2014, I decided to pursue further my academic development through a PhD in Project Management. Nearly Six to seven years of a close relationship with BUiD were instrumental in developing my career through enhancing my managerial and communication skills led by continuous learnings on the various sides of research and management. My enrollment in the PhD programme was well perceived by the Project Management Institute PMI Educational Foundation, Pennsylvania, US by way of a scholarship after my interests were found to be in alignment with their direction of research.

Dr Sahar Mansour

PhD Project Management
Lecturer at Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT)

As a well-established researcher and lecturer at the Higher College of Technology, I always aim for the highest positions attainable. I decided to pursue my PhD study while continuing my work and taking care of my family. The British University in Dubai was the best option as they offer flexible study hours for working professionals and reasonable fees. My time at the British University in Dubai helped me to approach things from various perspectives, which helped me to become a better researcher and to increase my work portfolio. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdullah Alshamsi, and the guidance of my supervisor Prof. Halim Boussabaine.

Dr Saif Alketbi

PhD Project Management

It has been a great pleasure studying for a PhD degree at BUiD. Form the beginning, the University was very helpful and supportive. I was very lucky to be guided through my research with very knowledgeable supervisors. Both Prof. Paul and Prof. Halim provided me with great help and insightful ideas, which shed light on the darkest aspects of my research process. My research journey was very challenging but at the same time it was very exciting. I start to look to the world from new perspectives after getting my PhD from BUiD. My experience at BUiD without any doubt exceeded my expectations.

Dr Mohamad Hammoudi

PhD in Education
Senior Assistant to the Campus Director and Representative of the Office of Academic Integrity Adjunct Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics Abu Dhabi University, Al Ain

Throughout four years of my journey at BUiD, I had a great opportunity to interact with and learn from many extremely brilliant and well-respected professors from various disciplines. They helped me understand how to conduct high-impact research and mentored me on how to teach effectively. In addition, I benefited from the affiliation of BUiD with the best universities in the UK as well as the training workshops offered by BUiD for doctoral students, which made my journey even more rewarding. I feel very fortunate that I completed my Ph.D. at BUiD. The programme provided me with indispensable skills and knowledge for a successful career in academia at the international level.

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