Student Representation System

The University’s arrangements for the involvement of students in University quality processes are inclusive at all levels and are thoroughly embedded.


The student representatives are members of their respective Board of Studies. The Board of Studies is responsible for the development of policy on the delivery of the programme and monitoring and evaluating teaching activity


All student representatives are members of the Academic Staff-Student Liaison Committee (ASSLC). The ASSLC provides a forum within which academic staff and students on the Programmes can raise and discuss concerns about teaching and learning, as well as the overall student experience at the University. The interaction of academic and administration staff with students provides the opportunity to improve the programme based on student feedback


The Academic Board includes one student representative. This member is elected on an annual basis by the student representatives from all programmes.


Elected student representatives (two from undergraduate and taught postgraduate level and one from doctoral level) are also invited to the meetings of the Senate.  


During the quality review of programmes, the review panel is provided with all student questionnaire reports informing them about the student feedback on the programme. In addition to this, the review panel also meets with programme student representatives to gather views about the programme.

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