Teaching and Supervision

Doctoral supervision

An Investigation of the impact of Marzano’s instructional strategies on grade 10 students’ achievement in reading comprehension in the United Arab Emirates, 2019

An Investigation of Reading-aloud Strategies, Assessment Methods and Factors Affecting Students’ Oral Reading Fluency in Private Schools in the UAE, 2019

A study of the rhetorical features and the argument structure of EAP essays by L1 & L2 students, 2019

Masters Supervision

An Investigation of the Use of Lexical Cohesive Devices in Academic Writing Essays of Grade 9 Learners at an American School in Sharjah, 2019

The Effect of K-W-L Plus Metacognitive Reading Strategy on Tenth Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension and Attitudes, 2019

Students’ perceptions of Kahoot!: An exploratory mixed-method study in EFL undergraduate classrooms in the UAE, 2019

The Impact of Cooperative Learning on Speaking Performance among University Foundation Programme Students, 2019

Investigating High School Boys’ Academic Underachievement in Second Language Classrooms, 2019

The Play-Based Behaviours of Emirati Preschool Children:
Descriptive cultural study of children’s play habits and review of current play-based practices in nurseries in Dubai, 2019

Investigating the Impact of Negotiated Task-Based Syllabus on Adult Learners’ Oral Fluency, 2019

Better Speed Better Comprehension: Introducing ‘Integrated Reading Comprehension Strategy’, 2018

An Investigation of the Difficulties Faced by Syrian Asylum Seekers and Syrian Refugees in Acquiring a Second Language and the Possible Solutions from Refugees’ Perspective, 2018

Model Texts or Visual Prompts? Which Teaching Strategy Better Influences Students’ Creative Writing?, 2018

Exploring the Effect of Formative Assessment and Constructive Feedback on the EFL Writing Quality of High School Graduates in the UAE: A Case Study, 2018

A Comparative Study of Students’ Experiences of Formative and Summative Assessment Types and Students’ Perspectives about Using Them in EFL High Schools in Turkey, 2018

The Influence of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) on Emirati Students’ Vocabulary Retention in one of the UAE Federal Universities, 2018

The Effects of Integrating Collaborative-Learning-Based Digital Storytelling Videos on Classroom Creativity in the EFL Omani Classroom, 2018

Enhancing Classroom Management in Cycle 2 in Fujairah through the Implementation of Effective Teaching Practices and Strategies, 2017

An Investigation of the Impact of Task Complexity on Spoken Language Performance, 2017

Towards an Effective Language Learning Styles, Strategies and Teaching Methods: An Investigative Research Based on Multicultural -EAL Primary Pupils, 2017

Positive and Negative Politeness in Egyptian and American Media Discourse (A Contrastive Study), 2017

The Role of Gender in the Apology Strategies of Advanced Saudi EFL Students, 2017

Investigating the Impact of Personification of Grammar on Second Grade EFL Learners in UAE, 2017

Taught Modules
  1. Discourse for Language Teachers
  2. TESOL Syllabus and Design
  3. Second Language Teaching and Learning
  4. Sociolinguistics for TESOL
  5. Research methods in Education
  6. Current Issues in Psycholinguistics and Language Learning and Teaching

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