Research Activities

Research Activities

Faeez has been actively working in Non-destructive testing and Structural Health Monitoring using ultrasonic waves, Laser ultrasonics, Design of optics system for generating narrowband ultrasound, Failure analysis and design of composites, Nonlinear ultrasonics, and Machine learning based damage detection and classification in critical engineering structures. So far, he has over 40 publications in reputed SCI-indexed Journals and conferences worldwide.

Sample publications:

Abdelgalil Khalil, Faeez Masurkar, A. Abdul-Ameer, “Estimating the reliability of the inspection system employed for detecting defects in rail track using ultrasonic guided waves”, 7th BUiD Doctoral research conference BDRC 2023, Hosted by the British University in Dubai,  8 July 2023, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Masurkar F, Cui F. Damage detection in hybrid metal-composite plates using ultrasonic guided waves based on outliers estimate. Structural Health Monitoring: 9APWSHM. 2023 Apr 25;27:158.
Masurkar F, Cui F. Estimating the probability of detection of cracks in metal plates using lamb waves. Structural Health Monitoring: 9APWSHM. 2023 Apr 25;27:111.
Masurkar F, Yelve NP, Tse P. Nondestructive testing of rails using nonlinear Rayleigh waves. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science. 2022 Aug;236(15):8527-41.
Masurkar F, Ming Ng K, Tse PW, Yelve NP. Interrogating the health condition of rails using the narrowband Rayleigh waves emitted by an innovative design of non-contact laser transduction system. Structural Health Monitoring. 2021 Sep;20(5):2678-93.
Masurkar F, Rostami J, Tse P. Design of an innovative and self-adaptive-smart algorithm to investigate the structural integrity of a rail track using Rayleigh waves emitted and sensed by a fully non-contact laser transduction system. Applied Acoustics. 2020 Sep 1;166:107354.



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