Teaching and Supervision

  1. Finite Element Analysis – including versions: Linear Finite Element Analysis and Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
  2. Analysis of Structures – including versions: Theory of Structures, Structural Analysis, and Seismic Analysis of Structures
  3. Mechanics of Materials – including versions: Mechanics of Solids and Strength of Materials
  4. Reinforced Concrete Design
  5. Prestressed Concrete Design
  6. Steel Structure Design
  7. Geotechnical Engineering – including version: Foundation Design
  8. Engineering Computational Methods
  9. Calculus
  10. Linear Algebra
Research Interests
1.      Sustainable Construction Materials

I have recently developed a passion for working on improving the sustainability of construction materials, especially concrete. The sustainability of concrete can be improved through using alternative and more sustainable materials in the concrete mix while maintaining the desired physical and mechanical properties.

2.      Permeability of Concrete and Other Porous Materials

For the serviceability and durability of construction materials including concrete, it is very important that the permeability is measured accurately. I am presently working on a research proposal aimed at devising an efficient method, with the basic idea inspired by a previously published research, for the computation of permeability of porous materials.

3.      Energy Economy of Buildings

Towards sustainable construction, the energy economy of buildings is very significant. While considering the energy economy, both embodied and operational energy need to be taken into account. In the future, it is expected that energy will be treated similar to conventional currency and feasibility of a construction project will be evaluated on that basis. I am interested in working towards the achievement of that goal.

4.      Mixed Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Furthering the previous research that I have done in this field, I am interested in the mixed-dimensional mdoelling of structures. Mathematical modelling in this regard would be valuable towards solving the complex structural analysis problems.

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