• Ranked among the worldwide 2% top scientists in 2020, 2021 and 2022 according to a study published by Dr ‎Ioannidis and his research team in Stanford University.
  • Ranked as one of the Top Computer Scientists, in UAE according to the Research.com index‎.‎
  • Selected for membership in the esteemed Mohammed bin Rashed Academy of Scientists (MBRAS) in the United Arab Emirates since 2021 in the Engineering and Technology Category.


  • Winner of the Future Data Summit & Awards 2023 https://www.futuredatasummit.com/ , Dubai, UAE, 8th ‎March 2023. “Best Technical Implementation in AI” that had a significant impact on the development of ‎several tools and resources that are widely used in the academic and industrial communities.‎
  • Winner of third place (Bronze Shield) in the innovation with human resources in Dubai Courts ‎competition for the category of university and college professors in its third round for the year 2020. The ‎proposal is for “Legal Document Classification Model”.‎
  • Winner of the Enterprise Transformation Summit & Awards 2019, Dubai, UAE, 7th Oct. 2019. Individual ‎Maestro: Transformation Maestro in IT Research.‎


  • Gained a wealth of experience in academia spanning through a ‎career and affiliations, which enabled him to collaborate with international institutions, ‎such as Swedish Institute of Computer ‎Science, School of Informatics (University of Edinburgh) , Faculty of Engineering & IT (The ‎British University in ‎Dubai), and Faculty of Computers & Artificial Intelligence (Cairo University), international organizations such as ‎UNDP/FAO, and ‎industrial corporates, such as Microsoft/FAST search.
  • Developed and revised the curriculum and the syllabi as well as successfully led the (re)accreditation of both BSc in CS, MSc. in Informatics, PhD in CS degrees as needed.‎
  • Solicited and supervised student interns to participate in outreach activities, such as IEEE and VEX Robotics Competition, to market the department and college to potential students.
  • Founded and led the Natural Language Processing (NLP) Research Group since ‎‎2004 at BUiD.


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