• M&V in energy efficiency as a whole
    • M&V as part of a standard energy efficiency project cycle
    • Review of M&V fundamentals
    • Baseline Adjustments
    • Measurement boundary
    • Baseline energy
    • Baseline
    • Baseline Period
    • Mathematical model for the baseline period
    • Available options
    • Review of M&V plan components
    • Examples and case studies related to the production of a thorough M&V plan
    • Compressed air
    • Boilers
    • Industrial presses
    • Lighting
    • Pumping systems
    • Option C (industrial)
    • Chillers – combined statistical and engineering method
    • Introduction to multivariate statistical analyses
    • Introduction to CUSUM
    • Isolation of measurement on a process furnace – real time metering
    • Refining process – production of a plan including steam flow measurement issues
    • Evaporation – M&V in a difficult context
    • Tool for the development of an M&V plan
    • Introduction to the M&V module of RETScreen

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