Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, students will have demonstrated the ability to carry out cutting edge research in a particular area through the pursuit of a major research project in an area of professional relevance and the publication of a thesis.  In order to carry out this overall aim the following learning outcomes will have been achieved.


— Be able to identify key local and international issues and recognise leading ideas within selected fields of education, both within their own specialist area and in wider areas of education;


— Be aware of a variety of standpoints and be able to apply these different standpoints to their specialised area of study;

Aspects of Competence

— Be able to extend and apply current theoretical perspectives to generate new theoretical models and understandings which are of relevance to Dubai, the UAE and the wider GCC region, as well as internationally;

— Be able to seek out and critically analyse sources or evidence bases;

— Have demonstrated their ability to disseminate and publish their ideas through the production of a substantial portfolio of written work, including a thesis.

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