Module Descriptors – Master of Science in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution(CLDR)

Core modules:

Introduction to Law (For non-lawyers)

This module is intended for students who do not have a professional background in law. The module therefore provides an introduction to the key aspects and features of relevant legal systems which form the foundation for law in the construction industry.  Topics include: nature of law, major legal traditions, common law, civil law and Shari’a, the law of contract, particular contracts, law of tort, remedies and defences, restitutionary remedies, intro to public law, intro to European law and property.


Fundamentals of Construction (For lawyers)

This module is intended for students who do not have a professional background in construction or related disciplines. The module will therefore provide an introduction to key aspects and features of construction and construction technology which form the economic and professional context within which construction law operates.

Construction Law  and Contracts

This module provides a solid understanding of the special features of construction which give rise to particular legal doctrines and problems. The multi-party and long-time scale nature of construction processes coupled with its complexity and the financial risks involved may give rise to legal problems. The module familiarise students with the nature and implications of the legal relationship between the participants, the relevant laws and industry standard form contracts, and how they could be used in practical life situations.

Arbitration Law

This module aims to provide a solid foundation in the different aspects of arbitration, with a specific focus on international commercial arbitration as it applies to construction, including issues which are specific to Dubai, the UAE and the wider Gulf Region.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The purpose of this module is to provide a solid understanding of alternative methods of dispute resolution and the applicability of the different methods as they apply to construction, including issues which are specific to Dubai, the UAE and the wider Gulf Region.

Contemporary Issues in Construction Law

This module will provide a solid understanding of further aspects of the legal implications of construction projects, with a special focus on the structuring of projects and contemporary issues. This module is designed to familiarise students with contemporary legal issues in the construction field including (but not limited to) legal aspects of sustainable built and environmental protection, and investor-state dispute settlement under international investment treaties.

Arbitration Award Writing

This module aims to provide sufficient knowledge of all the requirements for the writing of a final, reasoned and enforceable arbitration Award in a commercial dispute. This module focuses on international commercial arbitration as it applies to construction, including issues which are specific to Dubai, the UAE and the wider Gulf Region.

Elective modules:

One module from the below
Construction Project Management Professional Practice

The module provides students with an advanced level of knowledge, skills and experience to appreciate the complex landscape of contemporary civil and construction projects; and develops students’ knowledge, practical understanding and skills of project management professional practice within the construction and built environment industry; looking specifically at stakeholders, planning, contracts, risks, BIM, health & safety and sustainability – and the interlink between the interdisciplinary, diversity and multifaceted nature of civil and construction projects

Enterprise Risk Management

The module equips students with an advanced knowledge of the risk management process; by exploring strategic and tactical issues associated with the implementation of effective risk management practices, students should develop the appropriate skills to appreciate the key processes and decision stages at corporate and project level.

Management of Projects

The module provides a foundational perspective on the challenges of managing projects by placing them in their organisational context and introducing students to the range of management issues that are incorporated in the ‘management of projects’ paradigm

International Business Law

This module aims to provide a thorough and advanced knowledge of the basic methods of doing business abroad. Topics to be covered include: sources of international commercial sales; English law and SOGA 1979; Incoterms; CIF and FOB contracts; 1980 Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods; creation of the contract; incorporation of standard terms and transport obligations; transfer of risk and property; international joint ventures; internal and external relationship; commercial agency; assignment; international franchising and agencies abroad; regulation of international trade finance; international marketing operations; counter-trade; and mergers and acquisitions.

International Investment Law

The aim of the module is to develop a critical understanding of current and emerging developments in international investment law. The module will equip the students with the knowledge and understanding about the various approaches to regulating foreign investment in a social, economic and political context.  Topics to be covered include: sources of international investment law, the evolution of international investment law, theories relating to foreign investment, the regulation of foreign investment, the standards of protection under bilateral/multilateral investment treaties (BIT/MITs) and investor-state arbitration.




The aim of the dissertation itself is to give students an opportunity to focus in depth on one aspect of CLDR, which will normally be directly relevant to a real life workplace situation, and to allow them to demonstrate skills in discovering, ordering and presenting information and ideas on a topic involving both legal and practical or technical issues. A viva will be conducted after submitting the dissertation. The aim of the viva is to give the students the opportunity to defend their work and enhance their presentation skills.

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