Learning Outcomes – Master of Science in Engineering Management


— Demonstrate detailed understanding of engineering management theories, methods, practices and the principles of managing corporations & individuals.

— Apply analytical methods and techniques to the management process and enterprise as a system.

— Exhibit advanced and state-of-the-art knowledge via independent research in a related specialist area.


— Develop advanced skills required in research, analysis and critical evaluation of complex nature of systems.

— Integrate knowledge from different fields and apply these in the field of engineering management.

Aspects of competency

Autonomy and responsibility

— Function autonomously and/or take responsibility for managing professional practices, work, processes or systems, or learning contexts that are highly complex, unpredictable and unfamiliar.

— Do research and further develop knowledge and methods in the field of engineering management.

Role in context

— Apply well-developed interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate effectively and to interact with groups, individuals at all levels.


— Self-evaluate, develop, and implement further learning consistently, independently and recognising the dynamical changes of Global Industrial environment.

Concentration Specific Additional Learning Outcomes

Maintenance and Reliability


MR1   Understand the basic and advance theories behind the concepts for engineering

Aspects of competency

MR2   Critically evaluate the principles and practices of equipment reliability, procurement, maintenance management and condition monitoring.

Total Quality Management


TQM1  Attain and apply to develop conceptual knowledge of total quality.

Management philosophies and Six Sigma approach to process improvement.

Aspects of competency

TQM2  Analyse and improve processes to support policy and strategy and generate increasing value for customers and other stakeholders.

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