Learning Outcomes


— Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of the modern theory of finance and the major areas of financial innovation and risk management

— Apply suitable quantitative and other analytical methods used in finance and grasp the knowledge of the various hedging strategies

— Develop a rigorous approach to a variety of analytical tools commonly applied to the analysis and timing of investment strategies in derivatives and other markets taking into account sustainably factors such as social, economic and environmental (SEG).


— Critically evaluate different quantitative and risk management models and hedging mechanisms

— Organise and critically analyse real-world data on banking, financial and economic problems

— Carry out independent and original academic research in a related specialist area. (MSc only)

Aspects of competence

Autonomy and responsibility

— Individually manage data and information collection, organisation, and implementation of theories and strategies using spread sheets and economic software for managing financial risk and investments to make entrepreneur financial decision

Role in context

— Apply the techniques of modern finance theory to practical problems of asset management, credit evaluation, and risk management in financial institutions.


— Self-evaluate, develop, and participate in further learning and advancement of knowledge and skills

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