Learning Outcomes

The programme provides opportunities for learners to achieve the following outcomes:


— Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity concepts, principles, and technologies, and apply this knowledge to identify opportunities for advancement in the cybersecurity field.

— Analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures and strategies to ensure the security of digital assets.

— Collect, analyse, and disseminate cyber threat intelligence to support effective decision-making.

— Explore innovative approaches to threat intelligence and risk management.


— Design, implement, and evaluate secure network architectures and systems. — Analyse and mitigate cybersecurity risks in various contexts.

Aspects of Competency

Autonomy and responsibility

— Demonstrate ethical and professional conduct in cybersecurity practice. — Evaluate and monitor compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to cybersecurity.

Role in context

— Apply cybersecurity knowledge and skills in various organisational contexts, while promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainability in cybersecurity practices.


— Synthesize and evaluate the impact of cybersecurity practice on society, and explore innovative and sustainable approaches to cybersecurity research, practice, and policy.

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