Why a joint Dubai-Edinburgh Sustainability Institute

Because of the UAE’s…

          – Climate change mitigation targets
          – Energy decarbonization targets
          – Primary energy dependence

 Because of the UK’s…

          – Lessons learnt from widespread dispute from a past irresponsible energy transition away from coal. 

          – Multidisciplinary, pioneering expertise in alternative energies and climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

UAE can’t suddenly stop producing and exporting fossil fuels. Remove completely and/or too early, and the economy will crash, creating an unjust socio-economic demise. This need plans, policies, and institutions to allow UAE energy transition for a thriving economy that contributes to climate change mitigation.
O&G industry maximized until 2030: the 7 emirates need a collective message to prove action and minimize damage of this economic decision and to create a futureproof UAE. A sustainability centre built on the following pillars will ensure just that: Research, Business Incubation, Executive Education, and Research Consultancy. 
2021 National Innovation Strategy, Prepares the UAE to be the most innovative and future ready nation in the world. The sustainable centre will be crucial to meet this target. Encompassing UoE and BUiD expertise, the centre will enable individuals and organisations to lead the way in the sustainable development and innovation in Dubai for the UAE and beyond.
To achieve the Economic, health and environmental benefits, there needs to be techno-economic and socio-economic feasibility studies around each new technology deployed. The sustainability centre welcomes individuals to meet these research needs.

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