Research Activities

Journal articles:

  • Masadeh, A. & Mohamed, F., [forthcoming], “Limitation of Liability in Construction Contracts”, The Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction, 10.1061/JLADAH/LADR-829
  • Masadeh, A. (2022) co-author of a book on International Construction, (In progress).
  • Masadeh, A. & Ali, H. (2021) “Payment Risks in Construction Projects”, Iura and Legal Systems (University of Salerno – Italy- ISSN 2385‐2445), VIII.2021/4, B (5): 62‐70.
  • Masadeh, A. (2018) co-author of a book chapter, International Construction Law Contracts, Wiley.
  • Masadeh, A. & Farag, R. (2018) “Understanding Foreseeability in Construction Contracts”, The Legal Research & Studies Journalat Mohammed Boudiaf University, Algeria, ISSN 2437-1084.
  • Masadeh, A. (2014). Vicarious Performance and Privity in Construction under the law of United Arab Emirates. International Construction Law Review (ICLR), vol. 31 (1), pp.108.
  • Masadeh, A. (2013). The court’s supportive role in Arbitration under the law of United Arab Emirates. International Journal of Humanities and Management Sciences (IJHMS),vol.1 (1), pp.129-131.

Available at

  • Masadeh, A., & Khasawneh A. (2011).  Civil Liability of Authentication Authority. University of Sharjah Journal of Shari’a & Law Sciences.
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Conference Papers:

  • Jan 2017: speaking at the second International Construction Law Association which was held at the British University in Dubai, UAE on 26 January 2017.
  • Dec 2016: chairing a symposium on criminal justice under the Jordanian Juvenile Criminal Justice, held at Yarmouk University.
  • Nov 2015: “Arbitrate or Litigate? Possibly Mediate” workshop, held at the British University in Dubai in association with the British Irish Commercial Bar Association.
  • Masadeh, A. (2014). Fundamentals of UAE Construction Law. UAE FIDIC conference. UAE. 24-25 November.
  • Masadeh, A. (2014). Defects liability under UAE law. CIB 2014 Conference. Sri Lanka. 4-8 May.
  • Masadeh, A. (2013). Sustainable Building 13 (SB13). Dubai, UAE.
  • Masadeh, A. (2013). The Role of Law Schools and Human Rights. The 2013 IALS Annual Meeting  at the Infosys Global Education Centre.Mysore, India. 6-9 March.
  • Masadeh, A. (2012). International Conference on Law and Social Sciences, organized by International Scientific Academy of Engineering and Technology. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Masadeh, A. (2012). Qatar Law Forum.May. Qatar.
  • Masadeh, A. (2012). Governance and anticorruption conference. Jarash University, Jordan. April.
  • Masadeh, A. (2011). Intellectual Property Conference. Ajman University, Ajman, UAE. November.
  • Masadeh, A. (2010). The Conference of the “International Association of Law Schools IALS.TheUniversity of Milan, Italy. 20- 22 May.
  • Masadeh, A. (2010.The Eighth Conference of the Arab Law Schools Association.  Sirt University, Libya. 2-3 May.
  • Masadeh, A. (2010). Judge of the Monroe E. Price International Media Law Moot Court Competition.Oxford University, UK. 24-27 March
  • Masadeh, A. (2010). Legal Framework for Jordan’s Audio-Visual Sector. A workshop organized by IREX. 26-27 February.
  • Masadeh, A. (2009).Teaching and Education. The University of Malta, 15-18 March.
  • Masadeh, A. (2009). Qatar Law Forum.(conference organized by the permanent committee for organizing conferences in the State of Qatar). Qatar. 29-31 May.
  • Masadeh, A. (2009). Human Organs Transplantation.Jarash University. 6-7 May.
  • Masadeh, A. (2009). A paper delivered in the symposium of Medical Liability.Yarmouk University. 5th May.
  • Masadeh, A. (2009). Promoting the rule of law and the right in litigation. Yarmouk University and the Hayat Centre. 7th April.
  • Masadeh, A. (20008). International Seminar on Comparative law. The Islamic Science University of Malaysia. Malaysia. 18-19 Novermber.
  • Masadeh, A. (2008). Judicial Procedures.  Yarmouk University in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. 4-5 November.
  • Masadeh, A. (2008). Landlord and Tenant Law. Yarmouk University. 19th December.
  • Masadeh, A. (2008). Human trafficking. Qatar University, Qatar. April.
  • “Legal Ethics Workshop”, held by the American Bar Association (ABA), Jordan, June 2006.
  • Masadeh, A. (2005). The Enhancement of Legal Education. The American Bar Association and the Accreditation Council. Jordan.14-15 September.
  • Masadeh, A. (2004). The Role of Private Sector in Development. University of Kuwait, Kuwait. 8-9 March.
  • Masadeh, A. (2004). Mediation as an Alternative Dispute Resolution. Yarmouk University, Jordan. December.
  • Masadeh, A. (2004). Law and Computer.University of Yarmouk, Jordan. July.

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