Learning Outcomes – Business Management


— Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of organisations (internal aspects, functions and processes including diverse nature, purposes, structures, governance, operations and management).

— Understand and analyse the external environment in which organisations operate.


— Analyse business situations and problems utilising conceptual frameworks drawn from management theories, economics, business law, accounting, finance, marketing and quantitative methods.

— Identify and invoke mechanisms for the stimulation of creative thinking in organisational settings.

— Demonstrate effective problem-solving and decision-making skills using appropriate qualitative and quantitative methods.

Aspects of Competence

Autonomy And Responsibility

— Develop business plans and management strategies necessary for survival, development and growth of an organisation.

Role in context

— Inculcate effective communication skills; promote team-building and team work.


— Employ current information technology effectively in order to solve business problems, and adapt new technologies as required.

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